Hong Kong Visual Diary: Tsz Shan Monastery

16th October 2017








The best part of staying at my ancestral home in Tung Tsz in rural Tai Po is its location, you have the sea, the forest mountains, wild life (minus the surging numbers of wild boars), fresh air, the majestic Tsz Shan Monastery, the history of the area, and of course the best feng shui.  And I love waking up to natural sound of birds chirping in the crack of dawn, take a stroll in the villages of Tung Tsz, or cycle along the coastal cycling paths, and you can see the imposing white bronze Goddess of Mercy standing tall and beautiful in the foothills of Pat Sin Leng mountain range, looking down at us, protecting the villages, overlooking the sea and beyond like a lighthouse.  Opened in 2014 after 7 years of construction, the peace and tranquility of the Tang Dynasty style Buddhist monastery (see map) really set the villages natural scenery, we, as indigenous villagers are very grateful to its founder Li Kar Shing, for not turning the monastery into a monstrous tourist attraction and curbing limited visitor numbers by booking a reservation time slot a month in advance.  Otherwise, the area would have turned into an absolute nightmare for us all, litter bugs and rowdy outsiders, we can’t stand them.  Other than that, the monastery is a worthy place to visit.

So looking forward to going back to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year!


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