Baku Visual Diary: Fairmont Baku, part 1

27th July 2017



Last year I was invited on a trip to explore Baku in Azerbaijan with Fairmont Baku for a few days.  I arrived in Baku late evening after a long but very comfortable flight from London, via Ankara.  7.5 hour flight may seem short but the hour long single file queue at the immigration was a nightmare, it was quite frustrating for some passengers, the queue have certainly tested my patience which the British have a reputation for.  I arrived in the city not knowing what to expect, feeling excited and nervous at the same time, will I like the food here, will I be bored, is the city safe here?  You just need to wait and see.

Upon my arrival at Fairmont Baku, still bleary eyed from the long journey.  My eyes immediately drawn upwards to the grandeur crystal chandelier.  I was jaw dropped and in awe of the stringed diamond-like pendant necklace hung majestically from the ceiling in the hotel lobby, marvelling at the beauty whilst being checked-in, it was certainly a welcoming treat.



Fairmont Baku, part of the Flame Towers complex.  The three flame-shaped towers consists of luxury apartments, leisure and retail facilities, commercial office blocks and a hotel, standing at 620 ft tall, it is the tallest skyscraper in Baku.  What caught my attention was the geometry design inspired by Baku’s history of fire worshiping, the complex curve design, was said to be the most challenging structures ever constructed. The Flame Towers are completely covered with the LED screens, illuminating at night displaying the movement of a flickering flame. The imposing towers dominates the skyline of Baku and it’s certainly the most impressive modern architecture.

Located in the heart of Baku, Fairmont Baku boasts 318 guest rooms, including 19 serviced apartments spanning over 33 floors, and array of Fairmont Gold options.  Key features are; exquisite dining from chic bistros to juice bars and fine dining experiences, spa by ESPA, a fully equipped health club, rooftop pool and outdoor pool, exclusive IMAX cinema located within the Flame Towers, and spectacular views of the Caspian Sea.

I stayed in a lovely Fairmont Gold Premier Room, my home for the next 48 hours.  My room was very classy and spacious with stunning views overlooking the city and Caspian Sea.  A private bedroom and separate living area, perfect for doing yoga in the comfort of your own private space in your hotel room, a large bathroom with exclusive Le Labo bathroom amenities with its award-winning scent, Rose 31.  Everything was perfect and just what I expected.


5 am.  I woke up at crack of dawn to catch the sunrise over the Caspian Sea from the 22nd floor window, as you do.  It was eerily quiet, it felt as though the time stood still as the sun slowly rises, I had a few hours left for breakfast, I then headed back to bed to get some extra sleep, leaving the curtains drawn open knowing the blinding morning light will wake me up.


I can’t sleep and travel without my trusty Holistic Silk lavender eye mask.  I have insomnia and hyper-sensitive to light and noise when trying to fall asleep, this award-winning eye mask is made from luxurious Dupion silk, lined in buttery smooth cotton velvet and it doesn’t leave a mark on your face after a long night of sleep, and it’s filled with dried loose lavender flowers, perfect for soothing stress.  The eye mask is my ultimate travel essential for sleep deprived traveller, and I can’t sleep on the plane without it.  Highly recommended.


Fairmont Baku’s bathroom amenities including La Lebo products.  I loved that they personalised the bath products by adding my name to the labels, a perfect souvenir to bring home from my stay.


Fuss-free makeup for the 48 hour trip, quite a shocker to someone who normally carry a 4kg load of make up on trips.


A discreet, quiet spot for breakfast at Fairmont Gold Lounge for Fairmont Gold guests.


You can’t leave the hotel without having a spa experience at ESPA.  Located inside Fairmont Baku, ESPA has a wide variety of spa facilities set over 2 floors, featuring a multifunctional treatment rooms, vitality pools, poolside saunas, state-of-the-art-gym, yoga and class studios, sleep pods, and many more.  ESPA is renowned for their efficacious range of natural products and to experience the very best that ESPA has to offer.  I went for the Deep Tissue Massage.  Like Thai and Swedish massage, this therapy uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach out deeper layers of muscles, helps alleviate muscle pain, stiffness and water retention.  The treatment lasted 60 minutes.  The massage was amazing and comfortable, my muscles felt less tensed.  Despite the level of pain I was in from the shoulders and neck, my therapist said to me, ”those knots are tough as rocks!”, she sympathised my pain.  I left the spa feeling like a whole new person.

Stay tuned for part 2, we explored the city of Baku, the old and the new, traditional Azerbaijani food and culture.

Kit Lee was a guest of Fairmont Baku, Azerbaijan.
All images and opinions are my own.


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