Still Life Test Shots With Knot and Pop

21st September 2016





A fun still life test shoot session with Susie at Knot and Pop studio the other weekend.  Fussing around and styling with Columbia Road Flower Market finds and wedding display props to play around with to create a mish-mash still life to test out our new Fuji gear – Susie’s Fujifilm X-T10 and my latest investment buys, the Fujifilm X-T2 which has recently launched in the UK last week.  All shot on natural daylight, indoor, light slightly blocked by the shelves, ceiling fluorescent tube light (not really my ideal choice of light for natural daylight photography), and a huge white reflector to fill in some light.  Minimal edit.  The photos turned out okay.



Graubünden Visual Diary: Davos

30th August 2016


I’ve had the opportunity to experience some of the best hotels in the world.  Renowned hotels such as St.Regis Singapore, Fairmont Baku, Le Meridien Nice, Westin Hong Kong and many more.  Don’t judge.  A couple months ago, I was invited by Graubünden tourist board to visit Davos and St.Moritz and stay in a youth hostel.  I haven’t stayed in a youth hostel since primary school days, I didn’t enjoy the experience.  I was willing to give it a go.  This hostel experience would serve a valuable purpose and enhance your travel experience for budget travellers.

A scenic train journey from Zurich towards Graubünden, eastern region of Switzerland.  A dramatic change of scenery from city to rural town, led me to a wonderful sensory experience.  A boom of colour gradient from 50 shades of granitic sandstones to 50 shades of tranquil greens.  Davos an awfully long way from the city but there’s a catch, it’s a perfect weekend getaway to refresh your mind from work and hectic lifestyle.  Davos and St.Moritz provides a money-saving schemes to tourists who are staying at youth hostels or holiday apartments for more than 1 night, a Davos Klosters guest card and a St.Moritz guest card allows you to access to discount on admissions, unlimited free rides on all cable car rides and public transport.  I will explain about this amazing benefit later on, but first things first, here are the highlights of my trip to Graubünden.  First stop is Davos, home to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and ski resorts.




|| Adventure Park Davos Färich ||

The Adventure Park Davos Färich* is situated at the foot of Färich mountain pass, a short walking distance from the youth hotel and right to the newly-built shimmering egg-like Intercontinental hotel.  A fun outdoor adventure activities combining a bike park and high wire park, explore the forest canopy through suspended obstacles, swings and zip lines, with fully trained equipped staff to guide you through the course, suitable for children of all ages and abilities.  A great way to explore nature and unleash your inner Tarzan – all with an incredible view.  As for me I’m scared of heights, I’m happy to be scaredy Jane.

As a lover of all things meaty juicy sausages.  You can’t leave the adventure park without sampling Chalet Velo’s grilled cervelat, a type of Swiss sausage similar to frankfurter but smokier, they contain a mixture of beef, bacon, and pork rind.  They’re referred to as summer sausage or blockwurst.  I had mine served with sides – colourful salad and a generous amount of fries seasoned with their secret herbs.  It was de-li-cious!

Flüelastrasse 27, 7260 Davos, Switzerland.

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Style Slicker x CARAT* London

20th July 2016

Kit Lee @styleslicker 1

Kit Lee @styleslicker 3

Kit Lee @styleslicker 6

Kit Lee @styleslicker 4

Kit Lee @styleslicker 2

Kit Lee @styleslicker 5

I know I barely show my face on the blog but hey I’m shy and prefer working behind the lens, okay?

I’ve worked with CARAT* London for 2 years now and had a lot of fun wearing their jewellery pieces on a few campaign projects, very pleased they invited me to collaborate with them again last month (all featured on Instagram account).  Shot last month, at home in natural daylight when summer barely arrived, these were the results.  The looks were kept simple, non-editorial, just me, the ‘real’ me. I was wearing a few well-chosen pieces from their Serpentine collection;

@caratlondon @styleslicker #caratlondon #kitleexcaratlondon



Happiness Everywhere With Happy Socks

28th June 2016

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

Here’s my latest collaborative project with Happy Socks as part of their Happiness Everywhere campaign on Instagram @styleslicker, with a truly awesome team, my youngest sister May and our bebe niece Bethany as my models wearing Happy Socks socks.  It wasn’t an easy shoot as bebe niece B had just started to crawl and wouldn’t stay still, imagine my ’emotionless’ frustrated face when bebe niece tried to escape while her mum stood beside me laughing her head off.  Patience is a virtue. Our solution was to feed her and get her in a ‘drunken state of mind’ from mother’s breast milk, which eventually worked, she managed to stay still throughout 5 sock changes.  No harm done.

Style Slicker x Happy Socks

A big well done to little bebe niece, in exchange for her cooperation, we showered her with kisses and love from her beloved aunties.  At least she got to keep those socks!

In collaboration with Happy Socks as part of their Happiness Everywhere campaign.
@happysocksofficial @styleslicker #happinesseverywhere



Morocco Visual Diary: Falling In Love With Marrakech Again, part 2

3rd June 2016


|| Marrakech ||



Welcome to part 2.  The grit and all things beautiful of the ‘Red City’, it has full of unexpected surprises and hidden secrets this city has to offer, so many things to see and do, even outside the capital – Essaouira, Fez, Tangier and beyond; what’s not to love?

Enjoy the final instalment of my trip to Marrakech! I hope to visit Tangier, Fez next time!






|| Tips for visiting the souks, more like how to survive in the souks ||

The souks is like a complex network of alleyways with shops-like Aladdin’s caves and market stalls, you’ll find all sorts of incredible things like spices, handmade babouche slippers and robes, leather bags, homeware, rugs, jewellery and trinkets and antique furnishings. chaotic and spectacular, it can be very overwhelming and frustrating to navigate around all at once.  Here my tips on how to survive in the souks.

  • Hire a local guide to accompany through the labyrinth of souks.  If you’re happy to wander alone and getting lost for the experience, get a map.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on around you.  Expect dodging mopeds, carts and donkeys in the narrow streets of the medina, they come at you from all angles and beware of blind spots.
  • Bargaining is a skill and most of the traders spoke French and Arabic.  It would help if you had a grade A in French language, okay-ish negotiation skill and a firm attitude, you can survive.  If you can’t get a discount, smile and say ‘thanks’, move on.
  • Beware of pickpockets.  Theft happens all around you, so be vigilant and take care of your personal belongings and pockets.  It nearly happened to me once when my phone was taken out of my tote bag, thanks to my quick reaction I managed to grab it back like a bird of prey.

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Morocco Visual Diary: Falling In Love With Marrakech Again, part 1

15th May 2016


|| Marrakech ||

Having visited Morocco multiple times and consistently magical.  Marrakech is the the city I’ll always come back to and fall in love again for many reasons – beautiful architecture and impressive decors, tranquil urban gardens, nice locals, snow capped Atlas mountains range providing impressive backdrop, beautiful mosques, arts and crafts, getting lost in the medina, hustle and bustle in the souk, savouring the flavours of Moroccan food, old colonial buildings, rich culture and heritage, hearing the call to prayer, when tradition meets new, stunning riads, seeing camels by the roadside, all under a pristine blue sky.

I start off with something ‘charming’ and ‘beautiful’ – beautiful Moroccan gardens in and around Marrakech, and a beautiful riad hotel that bodes perfectly with the garden themed visual diary.  Enjoy!






|| Jardin Majorelle ||

Walking through through this postcard-ready serene garden of Jardin Majorelle restored by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1980s, was like something out of a fairytale.  Too Beautiful.  The garden sits just outside the medina walls of the ‘Red City’, features the famous cobalt blue house and Monet-esque water lily pond surrounded by exotic plants and lush greens, it’s one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever visited and an absolute calming effect on people and calming on the eye.  Although I have visited the garden twice it was worth a revisit.  Don’t miss the Berber museum, Galerie Love, and the famous Majorelle Blue square fountain, and Yve Saint Laurent Memorial.

Jardin Majorelle – Rue Yves Saint Laurent, 40090, Marrakech.

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Christian Louboutin at The Nail Library

4th May 2016













I’m very pleased to share with you my new work commissioned by Christian Louboutin and The Nail Library.  It was shot at their Po Hing Fong branch* (the best mani-pedi’s in town) in Hong Kong last year, it was a press release shoot to celebrate the exclusive beauty partnership for Christian Louboutin and The Nail Library.  The first partnership of its kind for the brand, offering customers premium pampering experience, showcase the brand’s beauty collection, and nail treatments off the Christian Louboutin Treatment Menu offered by The Nail Library, as well as spa-like treatment for hands and feet.

I have been a guest at The Nail Library and good friends with the founder for over a year, my experience with them has always been top notch, enjoyable, relaxing and I loved their lofty high ceiling space and dark wood library style, and industrial-like decors, it’s worth a visit.  I was very honoured to be asked to photograph their space and collaboration for their press release.

The Nail Library’s Christian Louboutin Treatment* is now available at their new flagship space at Level 1, 10-12 On Wo Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.  Check their Facebook page and Instagram for more details.

Photography by Kit Lee.


Sri Lanka Visual Diary: Colombo

23rd April 2016


A train ride through the mountains from Kandy to Colombo, was one of the highlights of the trip with spectacular views over the valley – mountains, villages, farms and trees ruffling elegantly as the train goes past.  I arrived in Colombo 3 hours later, a dramatic change of scenery was somewhat different, from the lush countryside to hustle and bustle of the big city.  Colombo has so much to offer, and becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the world with heavy investments on infrastructure – power, transport, communication.  One of the exciting infrastructure projects invested by the Chinese, is the soon-to-be Colombo Port City, making Colombo a global competitive city alongside Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dubai and Mumbai.


Where to stay:
I stayed at the chic new modern hotel OZO Colombo, a 2 nights stay, courtesy of the OZO Colombo.  The award-winning hotel is located within the suburban district of Marine Drive, a couple minutes from the famous Galle Road, Wellawatta Beach and the city-centre.  Stunning views overlooking the Indian Ocean and railway tracks across the road.  Opened since 2014, OZO Colombo boasts 158 cosy rooms, a gym, a rooftop pool and ON14 lounge.  Like all OZO hotels, there’s technologically-advance modern service – iPad fast track check-in system at the reception, free wifi, a cool interactive web bar ”Lectern”, features city guides, weather forecast and other information on digital touch screens.  Breakfast bar offers energising and healthy delights and Boost juice to you buzzing in the morning.  Ready yourself for a day of sightseeing with a quick bite, like mini pack lunch, from EAT2GO Grab and Go station, the and for the evening with doze-off treats with herbal teas and other warm drinks help you to get a good night’s sleep.  OZO focuses on sleep, energy and connectivity, and there’s one motto; ‘sleep tight and wake bright.’ Oh yes please.


View from my hotel room overlooking the Indian Ocean.  In awe of the golden Sri Lankan sunset.  What a pleasant treat.
OZO Colombo – 36-38 Clifford Place, Colombo.

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Sri Lanka Visual Diary: Kandy

28th March 2016

Kandy - Sri Lanka - Kit Lee

Kandy - Sri Lanka - Kit Lee

Kandy - Sri Lanka - Kit Lee

This is Kandy, the last royal capital city of Sri Lanka.  Thanks to its spellbinding rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, this is by far one of my favourite countries to visit – with an oasis of wilderness, lush green and stunning scenery of rolling hills and valley between tree covered hill ranges, lingering smell of salivating spices, on the main road filled with hooting tuk tuks, British designed Lanka Ashok Leyland buses and colourful trucks zooming past.  Goodness me. This is Kandy.  This is Sri Lanka.

I can’t imagine it was a once a peaceful country and turned into a civil war nightmare overtaken over by the gurellia organisation, Tamil Tigers.  After 26 years military campaign, the Sri Lanka military defeated the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, bringing the civil war to an end.  In 7 short years this stunning little island became a thriving country relies heavily on tourism, resulting as one of the ultimate travel destinations.  What more could a traveller want?

To bring this trip to light, here are my visual moments highlighting the sightseeing places during the 2 day visit starting with Kandy.

Kandy - Sri Lanka - Kit Lee


Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
It has always been my dream to visit an elephant sanctuary in Asia, a place where they are protected from harm and outside influence, ethical and cruelty-free, and gentler elephant tourism, sometimes it’s not always the case depending where you go to. I visited the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage which houses over 80 wild elephants, it was a lovely experience to see the majestic creatures up close and watching the happy elephants bathe in the river exhibiting their natural behaviours.  Thankfully it was quiet (large tour groups arrived later at peak hour) so I was able to watch the elephants munching on food, playing in the mud, scratch their behind from a rock stump, I did not see any mistreatment from the handlers. But given how this elephant orphanage is one of the hotlists for tourist attraction and the opportunity to see and bottle-feed the baby elephants, it was too commercial for my liking, but watching the elephants bathing in the river and roaming freely in the open field was the highlight of the visit.  It’s worth a visit, but be prepared it’s a tourist attraction.

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