Amsterdam Visual Diary: Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, part 1

25th April 2017



 | Design Lover’s Paradise |

A while ago I was invited to stay at Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam for their Grand Re-opening party.  A newly-restored hotel located in Amsterdam’s chicest neighbourhoods overlooking the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals, the 400 year old canal buildings of 25 interconnected houses converted into Amsterdam’s finest hotel.  Combining Dutch’s historical elements with contemporary style, preserving 17th century architectural features.  Designed by the genius interior designer Jacu Strauss, former senior designer at Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, Strauss commented; “There is a real understated sophistication about Amsterdam and I have loved immersing myself in the city to influence my visions for the hotel.  Pulitzer Amsterdam is the ideal place to start exploring the Dutch capital, each canal house has its own story to tell and I am proud to be instrumental in bringing these to life.”

Strauss brought his beautiful visions to life, and showcasing the building’s deep heritage and architectural splendor.  There is no perfect flattery description to complement the hotel’s uniqueness, each room is magical with a story to tell and inspire, like, ‘Phoenix, rises from the ashes’, all integrated to one word.  Reborn.

Here are the key highlights during my stay at Pulitzer.


| Pause |

A lovely-handsome garden terrace-cafe for breakfast, lunch and coffee with a touch of luxury and tranquil green oasis – the big windows, a serene courtyard, and the interior with plush green velvet chairs, brass finish, emeralds green bistro tables, and mouthwatering light dishes, sweet and savoury treats perfectly displayed on Carrara marble bar, makes this place an ideal place to meet friends for breakfast or coffee.  A worthy visit for any foodie and interior lover.


| Saxenburg Room |

There are 6 venue rooms designed to hold meetings and scaled events at a capacity – Wester Church, Garden Room, Saxenburg Room, Saxenburg Galleries, Merchant Rooms and Copper Rooms.  My favourite, the Saxenburg Room.  An elegant venue room from a bygone era – it’s Pulitzer’s most opulent, by far the most enchanting and romantic salon room in the hotel. The whimsical room boasts a painted ceiling, grand chandelier, and a view of the garden.  Adorned with 18th century artwork and the stunning Louis XV style mantelpiece from 1750.  The room is perfect for weddings, meetings, private dinners and cocktails, and Vanity Fair style photoshoots!


| Pulitzer Suite |

Indeed the most romantic and heart melting suite, a tribute to lovers the world over.  In the center of the room lies a free standing bath tub with a view of the whole room to admire of, eclectic mix of period furniture, historic architectural features and modern detailing, and ensuite marble bathroom to die for.  Sprinkle a handful of rose scented petals in the bubble bath with a glass of bubbly, a perfect moment to enjoy a spot of relaxation, and create your own love story to remember and cherish.



 | Pulitzer’s Bar |

Turn a corner, you find a charming gentleman-style bar in the style of Art Deco, Pulitzer’s Bar. Sip on classic cocktails and finest beverages, a drink with a history and story to tell.  The interior is sleek and stylish, dark, relaxed and very inviting with a small cosy room next door. “Every inch a gentleman – an outstanding drink and comfortable chair can make his day.”



 | Restaurant Jansz |

Pulitzer also introduced a brand new restaurantJansz.  An effortless and quintessential Dutch all-day dinning restaurant, ‘serves simple yet beautiful’ crafted dishes inspired by classic European cuisine.  The interior is elegant, romantic with a contemporary twist such as pastel pink curtains, Carrara marble table tops, plush velvet seats, Tom Dixon industrial-style lighting, copper finishes, dark oak floorings, dark and rich coloured wainscot features.




 | My Room / Classic Room |

A 2 night stay at this lovely spacious Classic Room located on the first floor overlooking the garden shaded by trees.  Every room in Pulitzer comes with a tall headboard reflecting the gables of each canal houses.  Other design elements includes exposed ceiling beams, eclectic mix of vintage furnitures and modern items,very comfortable Queen sized bed, cool writing desk, a decent sized marble bathroom with Le Labo amenities.  I’m a breakfast in bed kind of a person who likes to enjoy the last bit of experience and catch up with some news on tv or laptop in my own room.





 | The Tourist |

The best way to explore the famous canal and city is by foot, by bike and by boat.  You can’t leave the Pulitzer without sailing through the canal in style on a luxurious salon boat.  Step aboard the Pulitzer’s classic salon boat named ‘Tourist‘.  The boat captain provides a live commentary while enjoying the views of the historical buildings of the Golden Age and see the city has to offer.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip to Amsterdam with Pulitzer and the city has to offer.

Kit Lee was a guest of Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam.  

Click HERE for more informations on the hotel, rates, boat tour and what’s on offer.




16th April 2017



Although it seems nice, I don’t celebrate Easter.  Not since the annual Easter egg hunt days and dabbing poster paints and glitter on to polystyrene eggs when I was at school.  Receiving and giving Easter eggs is still quite nice.  Until now.  Today, I’m an auntie to my 18th month old niece, doing fun things with my niece is important for us to stay connected and spend time together when I’m not around in London.  Easter is a time of new beginnings, new life, new venture, and celebrate the start of spring with friends and family.  I want to take this opportunity to do something fun, for the sake of the blog, my creative fingers are itching.  Time to get creative.


So yeah, my first DIY in 2 years.  I have been inspired by all things DIY marble eggs that has been floating around on blogs and Pinterest, love how beautiful they look in pictures.  There are different methods of creating marbled-effect easter eggs, using; nail polish, shaving cream or whip cream with food colourings, natural dyes, and the likes.  I decided to the nail polish method.  Thankfully, I have a collection of old nail polishes that has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust, spare gold leaf and organza ribbon from previous DIY project.  As this was an experimental DIY project, trial and error, very messy, cracked eggs, and frustrations along the way.  My patience was definitely tested.  In the end it was fun, probably never do it again.  Below are the links of instructions which I find very helpful.

Instructions on how to blow-out an egg*, here.
Instructions for nail polish marble eggs, here.
Instructions for gold flecked eggs, here.
Instructions for hanging Easter eggs, here.

*My advice to blow-out an egg is, don’t use free-range egg and organic egg!  The yolk is too thick to break up and blow out well.  Best to use barn/caged egg.  Alternatively, use plastic egg, wooden egg or polystyrene egg, if you’re not too keen on the traditional method.



The result is beautiful!  I hung the marble easter eggs on the apple blossoms branches, freshly-cut from my garden.  One egg fell and cracked from the branch as I was trying to re-arrange the eggs and angling them in different way, you can see the blue egg hiding beside the vase.  What do you think?  I appreciate your feedback.


Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate to indulge in delicious carrot cake!  My super talented sister baked a toddler-friendly carrot cupcakes on the day of her birthday, it’s super healthy which consists of natural ingredients; ripped bananas (to replace sugar), desiccated coconuts, plain flour, coconut oil and organic carrots.  Topped with diary lea cheese frosting and decorated with sugar-free sprinkles.  It was delicious and little Bethany is a big fan.


Happy Easter to you all!



Tea Is Always a Good Idea

12th April 2017



Hello spring!

Can’t think of any better title for the post, but hey, I love tea.  This is probably one of the most random posts I’ve ever blogged, and I’m delighted to share with you my personal post, about spending time babysitting with my adorable 18th month old niece B (short for Bethany), while her parents were busy working and renovating their new house that went on for months.

Sacrificing my time to babysit B is definitely worth it, never mind the gagging-horror of changing her nappies, watching her favourite cartoon Peppa Pig together (roll eyes), singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars countless of times in funny kiddy voice. I adore her to bits.

The blog has been drifting in and out of hibernation, I know, regardless of the fact I had so much backlog posts to do, it’s time to make a fresh comeback and shooting with a brand new mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X-T2 (bye bye Canon, you’ve been great but your chunky body broke me).

Auntie Kit is back!


“Tea! Tea!”

B has gotten to know my morning ritual quite well.  That’s making a cuppa tea.  B knows I drink tea a lot, I mean a lot, all day, everyday.  She would watch me make tea and I make this silly and loud whisper ‘ahhhh’ sound every time I take a sip, just to make her laugh.  Her curiosity led to teaching her how to make a cuppa tea together every morning and afternoon.  She knows what I add in the tea cup in particular order, the usual basics – throw a tea bag in the cup, pour hot boiled water straight from the kettle, brew for 3 minutes, remove tea bag, pour soya milk, add a teaspoon of brown sugar and then stir.  She can utter basic baby words like chee (tea bag), moo (milk), boon (teaspoon).  My heart melts, every time.

So guys.  Whether you’re on babysitting duty or not, stay at home mum/dad, feeling frazzled and worn out, tea is always a good idea.  I repeat tea is always a good idea.  B, certainly think so.


Central heating and dehydration is a bugger-boo.  There were days when the cold snap was so cruel, switching the central heating on high, forgetting to hydrate, my skin suffered like a dry desert desperate for a lick of moisture.  I started to neglect my usual skincare routine after agreeing to help my sister out by looking after B for a few weeks.  Nowadays, I always make sure I apply my go-to facial serum before I hit the bed and after waking up in the morning. I use this amazing natural brand product from Korea, The Green Tea Seed Serum by Innisfree.  The serum is formulated with a unique blend of organic ingredients containing eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea and green tea seeds.  I’ve been using it non-stop since December, my skin feels nourishing, refreshing and smooth, I don’t even need to apply moisturiser.  No wonder the product is highly rated and an Innisfree best seller.  Highly recommended.


B loves dogs…and birds too.  She absolutely loves dog-spotting and approach them in the park, big or small, she’s not afraid of them.

My lovely floral arrangement from floral workshop the other month.  I brought it home and showed it to B, hoping she would approve of my creative eye in floral arrangement.  Oh no, no.  Her reaction wasn’t positive, she was just frightened by the sight of the flowers with foliage spilling-over the rim of the vase, resembling something quite monstrous-looking, like a creature with dozens of arms and fingers sticking out from its body…..get it?


Who knows toddlers can be such fussy eaters.  She eats bland food, soggy pasta and congee, the adults eats the good stuff.  See the zoodle salad I’d made a few weeks ago, I’m hoping to recreate it, a toddler-friendly salad when I get a chance.


My favourite picture of B photobombing my still life shot.



Just look at this face.  Caught in the moment when she refused to be spoon fed by her maternal-grandmother (my mum), I gave her a long stern look, telling her to eat the food or we won’t make tea.  She gave me this look.  Bam!  Cuteness overload.



Tel Aviv Visual Diary: Market life, part 2

19th March 2017


Welcome to part 2 of my trip of my Tel Aviv visual diary series from my 4 day trip last year.  It’s not easy scanning through hundred dozens of pictures from the trip, some good ones, some bad, some blurred.  Had a slight hiccup with the camera, a technical fault caused from heat and humidity, which led to corrupted file in the memory card (I forgot to pack some silica packets), what can you do hey?  Today it’s all about the good stuff – markets!  Yes, the arts and crafts, food, antique and flea markets.

So, without further ado, here are my highlights:



A perfect day for a stroll down Nachalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair where there are over 30 curated artists curated showcase and sell their unique creations, from hand-made jewellery, glassware, weavings, paintings, toys and household items.  It’s interesting to see a couple of artists doing their work right in front you. There are fabric shops located around the neighbourhood, perfect for fashion and home-craft enthusiasts, students and designers alike.

The market runs from the top end of Nachalat Binyamin Street (the junction with Allenby Street, King George Street, and Sheinkin Street.  Opens every Tuesdays and Fridays.




Carmel Market (Shuk HaKarmel) is the largest fruit and vegetable marketplace in Tel Aviv and a popular hotspot to sample local specialities, you’ll find pretty much every thing here from fruit and vegetables, exotic spices, tea, snacks, clothes, shoes, toys, dvds and electrical appliances. Food stalls and hipster cafes dotted around the neighbourhood, and plenty of vegan treats and local craft beers.  Walking through the crowded market the buzz and the smell coming from the food stalls (omg yes, mouth watering sizzling piping hot falafels and hummus) was incredible!  The culinary culture here is intense.

Carmel Market – 39 HaKarmel Street.

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Tel Aviv Visual Diary: Art Life, part 1

7th March 2017

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, trendy, cosmopolitan city with great beaches, sun, amazing food, exciting night life and super LGBT friendly.  I didn’t think I would end up falling in love with this place after familiarising with its surroundings, despite the feeling negative effect on what goes between the borders, politic instability and its effects on tourism. I can assure you Tel Aviv is a safe city, and the locals here are super friendly.  Any art and architecture lover (and foodies) Tel Aviv should be on your bucketlist!

Step in to the street art of Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighbourhood, one of the key areas for discovering street art.  Graffiti art and mural art adorning its streets, back-alleys and shop shutters. Revealing a strong sense of self-expression as well as social and political awareness (scroll gallery above), otherwise, creativity randomness through different mediums.

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Happy 2017

1st January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 - Kit Lee

To all my friends, family, readers and lurkers, may you have a healthy, joyful, and prosperous new year!


Merry Christmas!

23rd December 2016


Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.s I’ll try my best to blog regularly in 2017.  If all fails, head over to Instagram @styleslicker

Kit x


Plymouth Seafood Festival

19th November 2016


As a massive fan of all seafood, I was lucky enough to visit Plymouth Seafood Festival a couple of months ago.  Plymouth’s annual event took place on the Barbican and Sutton Harbour over the weekend of September, a record turnout on last year.

Unlike those big sponsored annual food festivals in London I attended in the past, food were so-so, deliberately overpriced and style over substance. This annual event is very local, family friendly, help support local fishermen while also promoting sustainable seafood caught off the shores and educating consumers, understanding the importance of sustainable fishing in the UK, and what the event has to offer.  Did you know Plymouth Fisheries is England’s second largest fresh fish market?

Without further ado, here’s the visual diary of my visit.


Local Plymouth chefs cooking up a storm at the live outdoor cookery demonstration.



With array of stalls rocking up some mouthwatering street food, range of local produce including fresh fish, cheese, Cornish and Devonish Liqueurs (so delicious).  Lively entertainment, activities and craft stands to keep young and old visitors entertained.





Dan The Fish Man – this popular stall has certainly caught my attention. Drawn by the smell of Dan’s cooking; seafood paella (my favourite Spanish dish) and chowder cooked in a giant pot and pan filled with fresh local ingredients and fresh fish caught from Clovelly in North Devon.


A long walk after eating to burn some calories, starting from the narrow cobbled streets and picturesque Tudor and Jacobean buildings on the Barbican Waterfront.








A walk along the Victorian promenade of Plymouth Hoe, with incredible bay views and historical old buildings, fortified medieval castle and Smeaton’s Lighthouse.  Strolling past an Art Deco Tinside Lido is a classic example of the quintessential British seaside from the begone era.  Although it was quite windy from the sea breeze, with sea crashing the limestone rocks, I had an enjoyable time.

Kit Lee was a guest of Plymouth Seafood Festival 2016 (click HERE for more info).
A 2 night stay (B&B) courtesy of Moorland Garden Hotel in Dartmoor.
Great Western Railway runs daily trains from London Paddington to Plymouth.



Graubünden Visual Diary: St.Moritz

27th September 2016


My trip to Graubünden part 2.

St.Moritz famously hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1928 and 1948, and today it’s known as the cradle of modern winter sports.  No wonder my friends who are seasoned skiers disappear off London to ski in St.Moritz every February.  Apart from being the world class winter destination for winter sports, it’s also a popular destination for summer activities, leisure, shopping or weekend breaks.  The electrifying backdrop speaks for itself.  You can’t leave St.Moritz without sampling its famous Swiss chocolates, the cakes and beverages at Hauser Cafe and Hotel is one of the best places for authentic Swiss creamy chocolate treats.

Here are some of my highlights of the trip.  Scenery and greenery, mostly.



|| St.Moritzersee ||

Probably one of the most spectacular lakes I’ve ever seen, you have a giant theatre in front of you.  It’s actually a smaller than the main lakes in St.Mortiz – Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana. The beautiful surrounding lake of Upper Engadin Valley, is used for water sports in summer and winter sports in winter.  Can’t imagine what it’s like to skate across the frozen lake during the cold winter months, I wonder if you can do ice-fishing here too.  I would just sit here and watch the man and his dog on the paddle board all day long.

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