Jack in my inbox

1st July 2011


I don’t normally post press release images on this blog, unless send me a product sample so I can touch it, wear it, feel it, if I like it I photograph it, dawdle for a few days and post it (see the box with photoshopped note, referring to the Jack in the box =  titled as Jack in my inbox, get it?).  Please excuse me for being fussy and sassy, it’s just me.

Having recently been experiencing some repeated spasms in my throat and exploding goosebumps when watching some short films on fashion brands in the beginning of the year, some good and some poor *ahem* that includes Mr Lagerfeld’s strange film direction.  Last week I received something awesome in my inbox and that I must post it.  MO&Co, beknown to me is China’s most celebrated clothing brands with hundreds of shops already open and enduring presence have marked their occasion by releasing a chic video directed by Barnaby Roper, featuring China’s supermodels Shu Pei and Liu Wen. The full length video was premiered and exclusively on W Magazine’s website last week to mark MO&Co’s big wave in the Western world.  I loved it.

I have seen the trailer version which I liked but decided to wait for the lovely people at SWELL in New York office to send me the full length version to share with you all.  MO&Co is known for their everlasting concept of innovation and ever evolving design, reminiscence, modernism and minimalism,  connecting art and fashion with enthusiastic creativity.  I must admit luxury brands in China (ex. Hong Kong) are like aliens to me knowingly I have a lot to discover, well I will have to do that when I go back to Hong Kong in November.  Enjoy the video.

MO&Co video is courtesy of SWELL.

Credits: Director – Barnaby Roper, Models – Shu Pei and Liu Wen, Stylist – Keegan Singh, Hair Stylist – Rita Marmor, Makeup – Pep Gay, DOP – Toshiaki Ozawa, Editor – Nathan Brown, Music – Trisan Bechet.

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