Yellow Psychedelic

16th November 2010



Yes ‘WHAT ON EARTH AM I WEARING?’ – Ok ok I was feeling a little mellow-yellow and on acid hence the post title ‘Yellow Psychedelic’, I dressed up to brighten up the dull-cloudy London, I was a SUN.

Thanks Shini and Jen for the amazing girly tartines lunch (I had a tomato and basil soup – how very fashionista), hope you girls weren’t blinded or hallucinated by my outfit.

Thanks Shini for taking these shots.

My outfit: Jacket – Wallis, it’s my mum’s bought 10 years ago. Scarf – BURBERRY. Skirt – OASIS. Tights – UNIQLO. Legwarmers – UNIQLO. Boots – Courtesy of BERTIE. Silk scarf attached on bag – HURWUNDEKI. Bag – Courtesy of JAEGER.

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  • Reply Shini 16th November 2010 at 21:00

    I was a little blinded but I dunked my contacts in your soup and it was all fine. I want that soup and tartine again, seriously.

  • Reply Fred 16th November 2010 at 21:07

    What have you done to my eyes? I’m seeing things.
    Love the colour contrasts.

  • Reply Ah Elle 16th November 2010 at 21:08

    Very blinding indeed. I love your jacket.

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  • Reply the style crusader 16th November 2010 at 22:12

    i absolutely love the yellow crazy you are on! you wore it yesterday too! i would love to get a little peek at your wardrobe – is it filled with so much colour? you can totally pull the colour off! xx

  • Reply Pauline 16th November 2010 at 23:05

    Oh my eyes.

  • Reply Nana 16th November 2010 at 23:06

    Never been a fan of yellow, it takes guts to pull the colour off without looking like a banana, you did well.

  • Reply Cotton Bud 16th November 2010 at 23:07

    I love your Jaeger bag 😀

  • Reply Kimmie 16th November 2010 at 23:22

    Looks like a Dijon Mustard color, love the balance of yellows, reds and oranges.

  • Reply styleeast 16th November 2010 at 23:37

    Your yellow has certainly brightened my day. More colour in winter I say, the streets are so dull!

  • Reply Y Y 17th November 2010 at 00:59

    Wow very acidic Kit.

  • Reply KPT 17th November 2010 at 01:00

    My eyes hurt. Great styling 😛

  • Reply Josephine Loves Vintage 17th November 2010 at 01:02

    I can’t see your face!
    I love the matching yellow skirt and tights.

  • Reply Bee 17th November 2010 at 01:03

    Wow that jacket is your mum’s? Maybe I should my mum’s jacket too – if they can fit me.

  • Reply the nyanzi report 17th November 2010 at 11:33

    well hello, yellow lady.
    i gotta say, the way you do colour is genius.

  • Reply Helen 17th November 2010 at 11:35

    I love your outfit! What a great idea to brighten up a dull, dreary day. Think I may have to invest in some colourful women’s clothing to keep life bright over the next few cold months!

  • Reply Una-Jane 17th November 2010 at 15:26

    What a great outfit for Winter.

  • Reply masaki 17th November 2010 at 15:27

    I’m scared of wearing bright colors in Fall, what I have in my wardrobe are greys, blacks and whites :S HELP!

  • Reply Ingrid 17th November 2010 at 15:28

    I love your boots!

  • Reply Gak Leung 17th November 2010 at 15:29

    If you wore that yellow-y outfit in Hong Kong, you’d be arrested haha only joking.

  • Reply Shortie 17th November 2010 at 15:30


  • Reply Zero Style 17th November 2010 at 15:31

    I want your mum’s jacket and Jaeger bag.

  • Reply fashion tibdits 17th November 2010 at 16:20

    wow! nothing wrong with a bit of mustard yellow in our lives

  • Reply Nana 17th November 2010 at 16:39

    Was reading your post when I was just about to spread a Djion Mustard over my bread HA!

  • Reply Yulia Muratovich 17th November 2010 at 16:39

    Love the a/w colour palette.

  • Reply Drewe 17th November 2010 at 16:52

    Wow bright tights, I seen a lot of mustard yellows around, def a new colour trend for autumn winter.

  • Reply state of sunday 17th November 2010 at 22:18

    oh refreshing on a day like it is today in london!

  • Reply john 17th November 2010 at 22:50


  • Reply Blue Eye Suz 17th November 2010 at 23:50

    What a strong sunlight you are.

  • Reply Anna 18th November 2010 at 02:09

    almost blinded by the colours of citrus yellows.

  • Reply Platform Princess 19th November 2010 at 16:02

    You are the most colourful person I know. Fact.
    I love the tights and skirt combo; colour-blocking is definitely your forte Kit Kat.

    Miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • Reply jimmy 19th November 2010 at 23:07

    Great colour post.

  • Reply jill (polka dot) 20th November 2010 at 00:20

    Oh Kit I’m sorry I didn’t send you my shots from this day! I love that outfit and will post it this weekend. Possibly even first thing tomorrow. Now I can lift the sourcing from you.

    You have the most sophisticated, confident sense of colour, texture, balance and innate style of anyone I know. Do you paint? You should.

    How’s Scooter? xx

    • Reply Kit @ Style Slicker 21st November 2010 at 03:11

      @Jill – Yes I do paint, I studied Art at school 😀

  • Reply Reena 21st November 2010 at 17:25

    Ahhhh my eyes!! Just kidding, I actually love the bright pops of colour, Kit. That’s exactly what I need to see during this horrible, miserable Winter x

  • Reply Valentine 5th December 2010 at 19:02

    Beautiful and amazing….healthy colours

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