19th September 2012

Winston sweater by Elizabeth Lau

Meet Winston my new pet, a sequin bull dog face sweater designed by my good friend Elizabeth Lau, Winston is such a bull…I meant doll. Fancy a piece of Elizabeth Lau?  Well here’s the good news, Elizabeth Lau has produced an eight piece knitwear collection exclusively for ASOS available from this week, woop woop!  The theme for the collection is a mix of Cockney London, graffiti swagger and Kawaii motifs, be sure to check on Facebook for preview images, the collection will melt your heart, not kidding.


My outfit: Winston jumper – c/o ELIZABETH LAU, Shorts – (loaned), FAITH CONNEXTION, Clutch – MARC by MARC JACOBS, Watch – c/o TIMEX, Socks – TABIO, Shoes – DR MARTENS.
Photo by: SHINI PARK, Photo Edit by: KIT LEE.


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  • Reply Natasha 19th September 2012 at 21:44

    So cute.

  • Reply Winnie 19th September 2012 at 22:40

    I love love love that jumper and I’ll be sure to check out her Asos collab (so cool) and you my dear, look absolutely incredible. SO HAPPY!

  • Reply Sau 20th September 2012 at 00:01

    Love the simplicity of your outfit, the jumper is so so so cute.

  • Reply The Provoker 20th September 2012 at 01:00

    aww kit this is too cute! I love this look and style on you. I’m really falling for cute printed jumpers this season, and those cut out print brogues are tdf.

  • Reply Cool Milk 20th September 2012 at 01:40

    You have such a happy face.

  • Reply Kelly 20th September 2012 at 01:42

    It was lovely to meet you at #LFW, I love your photography and DIY posts, meet for coffee one day?

  • Reply Jen 20th September 2012 at 05:11

    Winston is quite the charmer! I’m a huge fan of him. You look so sweet in this picture though and I’m loving your outfit! 🙂

  • Reply Joy 20th September 2012 at 05:52

    This is the cutest sweater I have seen. I love this recent trend in animal sweaters. JUST LOVE.

  • Reply Jenna 20th September 2012 at 09:45

    I love this sweater, had a browse through Asos but ouldnt find it there, any chance of knowing when they will be posted online for availability to buy??? Much love x

    • Reply Kit Lee 20th September 2012 at 10:56

      @Jenna – Just got an email from ASOS, the collection launches tomorrow 😀

  • Reply Vinh 20th September 2012 at 11:41

    Oh look at his face, you look good in it Kit.

  • Reply Fashion Hot 20th September 2012 at 14:33

    Nice top.

  • Reply Sally Crangle 20th September 2012 at 14:45

    How sweet!!! And i love the pale pink on you, la la love the ankle socks and shoes too. Fab xx

  • Reply Mel Green 20th September 2012 at 18:22

    Yes I heard about the good news, congratulations to Elizabeth Lau, I’m looking forward to see her collection on asos.

  • Reply Ting 20th September 2012 at 18:30

    Loving the layered textured surface in the background/foreground, the Winston sweater is such a doll face.

  • Reply Elisabeth Young 20th September 2012 at 18:31

    Ahhh so sweet. x

  • Reply Mat 22nd September 2012 at 14:36

    it’s well nice looking, i love those grumpy looking fellas

  • Reply Duck 22nd September 2012 at 18:12

    OMG so cute Kit!! Hopefully I’ll see you next time I’m in town! Also: what is this print/aged/watercolour effect thing? Really nice!

  • Reply Becky | 22nd September 2012 at 21:18

    I absolutely adore Elizabeth Lau and I’m so, so excited for the collection to drop – it’s this week right?

    Your sweater is just perfection & I love how you styled it.

  • Reply Michelle Lee 23rd September 2012 at 10:10

    lovely 🙂

  • Reply Lindsay K 26th September 2012 at 23:34


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