Who Killed Bambi?

6th June 2011



Potentially the ugliest background shot ever, my new next door neighbour is building an extension to extend their kitchen to make the wife happy, what is wrong of having an average sized kitchen?  I haven’t met the greedy wife yet and I’m not looking forward to meet their ever growing brood.  It is a shame that their extended brick work is blocking the sunlight from my living room window, and their dumping ground has become a playground for urban foxes…nonetheless it will affect the house value with extra £££££ I must stop moaning.


I discovered Zoe Karssen‘s collection at DeVetta PR press day a while ago, a young Dutch label described as easy to wear, tongue in cheek styles for the cool girls in town (oh yes I am, no I’m not).  They offer basic t-shirts and sweaters with mixing themes and references from rock n roll to fashion, famous icons and quotes/slogans like here’s my favourite ‘Who Killed Bambi!?’ – quirky and in the mix of….fun and cool.

…With one big shout out, They all cry out, Who Killed Bambi?, Who?‘ – Who Killed Bambi, lyrics by the Sex Pistols.

Outfit: Mulberry fox mask a/w11-12 invitation – courtesy of MULBERRY, Who Killed Bambi? T-shirt – courtesy of ZOE KARSSEN/DEVETTAPR, Jeans – courtesy of LEVI’S CURVE ID, Shoes – OFFICE.

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