The Maid of Honour

18th June 2012


Drum roll please.  After a magical weekend at my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding, Kit the ‘ball and chain’ has finally broke free and Style Slicker is back online.

I know you’ve been waiting for ages to see the result of my DIY Maid-of-Honour dress, well well well without further ado, here it is.  The pink silk-taffeta dress tied with a black velvet belt, paired with the matching pink loose-fitted lace jacket-top were constructed from the original 1950s bridal pattern, and I must admit toileing (mock up) were not involved in the process, it was worth the risk.  P.s I’m ready for hire.


Another DIY, I bought a £18 Jon Richard diamante bridal headband, painted the surface in antique pink jewellery paint.


Left: I couldn’t believe when I bought this amazing antique necklace from an antique jewellery shop in Camden Lock, Angel. It was by ”Exquisite” W.A.P Watson Ltd, circa 1950s, manufactured in Solihull (I did my research).  Quite lucky I was able to wear a pink Folli Follie watch for time management.

Right: Maxmara peep toes in nude, thanks again to The Editeur for saving me from shoe panic attack.


Beauty essentials on the day: Benefit body balm, Paul & Joe matte pressed powder and Stila dual lip and cheek cream in Petunia both from ASOS, Topshop glitter nail varnish in pink, and Boots N’7 stay perfect eye mousse in plum.


Left: For the evening banquet I wore a Shanghai Tang qipao dress paired with a dazzling vintage diamante necklace from Rokit.

Right: A Sushilla gold ring with pink fading rough cut stone, worn for the main outfit.


Another accessories to coordinate with the Shanghai Tang qipao dress – Shanghai Tang floral print satin clutch, vintage necklace as before, Follie Follie rose gold and blue croc watch, and Folli Follie magenta diamante ring.

Thanks for your help and product loans: Shanghai Tang @ Devetta PR, Sushilla @ Push PR and Rokit, Folli Follie @ Trace Publicity.

……now now, I really do fancy a burger and fries, I’ve been starving for weeks.

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  • Reply winnie 18th June 2012 at 18:43

    Yay! I have been waiting eagerly for this post and boy was it worth it. I have loved all the sneak peeks on Instagram and you look absolutely beautiful. Also…I am totally from Solihull so that vintage necklace is a stunner as is that gorgeous qipao dress, I love the contemporary twist to the traditional garment.

  • Reply Louise 18th June 2012 at 19:51

    Welcome back!
    Your dress looks absolutely beautiful, you’re a very talented dressmaker.

  • Reply Ztylist 18th June 2012 at 19:55


  • Reply Youke 18th June 2012 at 19:58

    I’ve been waiting to see your finished pieces for a long time now, I’m so happy that the dress is looking wonderful and exquisite on you. The Shanghai Tang cheongsam dress is gorgeous with the necklace. Congratulations on your sister’s marriage.

  • Reply Koh Koh 18th June 2012 at 20:00

    Oh Kit, I love how you match the coloured accessories with your two outfits, you’re a genius.

  • Reply Becky | 18th June 2012 at 20:30

    You look SO beautiful! Totally worth the sweat and undoubted blood and tears that went into this dress.

    Your sister is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful sister!

    Becky | x

    p.s. Congrats to the newly weds!

  • Reply Ronelle 18th June 2012 at 21:54

    You look fantastic Kit, I can’t believe you’ve made your own maid of honour dress, stunning.

  • Reply casey brown 18th June 2012 at 21:55

    New here.

  • Reply Mert 18th June 2012 at 23:35

    What a fabulous idea to paint a headband in your own favourable colour. Love the fusion twist of East meets West of the evening dress, do you have a picture of you in it? Or is there more to come?

  • Reply Eleonor 18th June 2012 at 23:40

    I really enjoy reading all your DIY posts, this is the best highlight. You look gorgeous in THAT dress.

  • Reply Kayleigh Jones 18th June 2012 at 23:41

    Wish I had your talent. x

  • Reply Eva Forever and Ever 19th June 2012 at 00:48

    I’m amazed by your dress making skill especially you didn’t do the mock up version in the beginning process, I guess you trust your judgement and knowledge, oh Kit you are so talented.

  • Reply Rika 19th June 2012 at 00:51

    How nice of the PR agencies loaning you their jewelerys for the wedding.

  • Reply The Douuk 19th June 2012 at 00:56

    我喜欢 <3

  • Reply Rachel 19th June 2012 at 01:52

    Gorgeous dress, so amazing that you made it! Your photography of the accessories is lovely too. I’m actually from
    Solihull…don’t think I have ever seen it mentioned on a blog before!

    Rachel xxx

  • Reply Sam 19th June 2012 at 03:02

    Woooo I totally love the qi pao from Shanghai Tang! Photos of Kit wearing it please!

  • Reply Olga K 19th June 2012 at 03:35

    I love both of your dresses, can’t help but imagining the what your diy dress would be like if it was made in layers of chiffon 😀

  • Reply Nanette 19th June 2012 at 13:12

    Many congratulations on your sister’s wedding, hope you had fun on the day, the weather was beautiful.

  • Reply Kendrew Chan 19th June 2012 at 13:13


  • Reply Diana Cole 19th June 2012 at 13:27

    You look beautiful Kit.

  • Reply Mat 19th June 2012 at 13:48

    it’s very ace. you are wonderful

  • Reply Nora 19th June 2012 at 13:55

    Gosh you’re such an inspiration! Love how it turned out, you ARE really good!! 🙂 And that qipao is fantastic, i’ve always wanted one myself, maybe should get one for a wedding one day! Love love love the accessorising too! I’ve been sewing too, Kit, you’ll be proud of me!


    • Reply Kit Lee 19th June 2012 at 14:27

      @Nora Thank you Nora, just left a comment on your blog. I loved the Shanghai Tang dress, I’m thinking of making a qipao blouse if I have time.

      @Olga Hmmmm interesting.

  • Reply Mel Green 19th June 2012 at 15:54

    Impeccable styling.

  • Reply Stine Mo 19th June 2012 at 18:47

    Gorgeous pictures!


  • Reply Platform Princess 20th June 2012 at 05:26

    You look absolutely gorgeous. The dress is beautiful. Miss you 🙂 x

  • Reply Krys 20th June 2012 at 06:48

    The dress came out beautifully and it’s definitely a treat to see the outcome of your hard work. Hope the wedding was wonderful xx

  • Reply Lana 20th June 2012 at 12:53

    Amazing dress and interesting article!

  • Reply 21st June 2012 at 14:30

    Your Maid of Honour dress is really stunning! Very cute, very balanced and a great deal of good tailoring. Most of my looks are girly and it seems that I could happily wear such a girly, romantic dress! Hope you’ll also try a career in fashion design!

    • Reply Kit Lee 21st June 2012 at 15:17 Thank you very much. It’s not my usual style but I’m happy to embrace it, I was trained as a pattern cutter and design and chose fashion styling as my career, fashion design is not something I want to persue….yet, but I’m happy to be a dress-maker.

  • Reply The Wedding of A & H « Almost Always Hungry 22nd June 2012 at 10:25

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  • Reply Lola 23rd June 2012 at 14:05

    Each time I was about to visit your blog, I’d remind myself that you were off, I can’t believe your two weeks off has gone by so quickly! Anyway, I am so excited to see your finished result, it looks perfect on you, you must be so proud! It must be very satisfying seeing it all come together


  • Reply the style crusader 23rd June 2012 at 15:42

    Kit! This is so beautiful. Well done on the dress, it really looks stunning. I’m so impressed and amazed that you made it yourself. It looks gorgeous. Glad you survived the wedding planning! Miss your whiskers. xx

  • Reply Glamified with MCM » STYLE SLICKER 24th June 2012 at 01:34

    […] is back in full swing.  My eurphoric affection for 1950s fashion is evidently proofed in here and here, so for the outfits I took the inspiration from the elegance of Old Shanghai, daytime-evening-glam […]

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