LFW SS12: MCM-ing

26th September 2011




Bruised (as seen in the pics) and being bashed around with hazardous-heavy electronical devices and haggard from late nights marathon-blogging for Twenty-6 magazine, day 3 was the busiest and manic day for me with 10 shows to attend to including the ones in unknown locations…at least I had an Amber Sakai branded taxi shared with my usual peeps, Park and Cube, The Style Crusader and Matthew Zorpas.

Day 3 was the day I spotted at least 5 sightings of MCM bags at random venues, here here: Laetitia of Mademoiselle Robot‘s Craig Redman ‘Shanghai’ Boston bag, Shini of Park and Cube‘s vintage Tambourine bag, and as well as my usual (loaned) MCM bags.  Check out the colourful collage of our MCMs on the MCM blog.

My LFW outfit: Vintage blouse – courtesy of ROKIT, Skirt – on loan from NOUGAT, Socks – TABIO, Ponyskin brogues – courtesy of BERTIE, Hair tie – courtesy of LONGCHAMP, Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone – courtesy of SAMSUNG and SPREADING JAM, Document folio – courtesy of MCM, bag – on loan from MCM. Thanks for the photos, Shini and Jen.

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