15th October 2011


I’ve been a freelance fashion stylist officially for almost a year now, I must admit freelancing in London is actually very tough and super competitive although my work is averagely successful in Asia.  I endured 7 years of hardship as an intern, fashion assistant (with a part time job aside) to various established stylists, worked on music videos, made costumes, handled millions of pounds worth of jewels in editorial shoots, worked with high profiled photographers, and was able to boss around newbies.  7 years, was it worth it?  I swear to Harry Winston, a big fat YES it was worth it!  After all fashion has always been my first career choice since I knew how to draw human figures, and will commit forever no matter what the circumstances.

These experiences defines who I am as a person, a friend, a stylist and a blogger.  No regrets.  Below I’ve included a short list of ‘My Firsts’ nicked from the Dr Martens site, thought you might like to know me a little better…believe me I am a boring person.


My first pair of DM’s: I think I was about 15 when I had my first pair, it was essentially for school and to be honest they were ugly shoes, I wanted heels.

My first album: Spice World by the Spice Girls.

My first piercing: I was 23 when I first had my ears pierced, very late huh?

My first rave: At the Wall of Sound’s 10 year birthday party at Fabric in 2003, amongst the artistes who performed/DJ-ed were Zoot Woman, Stuart Price aka Les Rythmes Digitales, Jacque Lu Cont, and Alan Carter, Blak Twang, Scratch Perverts and the like.  Infamous graffiti ariste Bansky was rumoured to be one of the VIP guests.  It was a night to remember.

My first walk of shame: When I was interning busy making costumes in the studio, a guy popped by to say hello and offered me a box of sliced chocolate cakes, I was famished at the time and ate a large piece of it which unfortunately turned out to be something else…a Hash Cake.  So, I was feeling high and laughing throughout the day and naively downed a shot of Whiskey to avert the effect which (holy-moly) made it worst.  I had no memories after that.


My outfit: Sweater – courtesy of ELIZABETH LAU, Dress – courtesy of NAVY LONDON, Scarf – Unknown, trench coat – BURBERRY, Men’s rucksack – BENETTON, DIY sheer polka dots socks – TOPSHOP, Legwarmers – TABIO, Brogues – courtesy of DR MARTENS.  Thanks to Shini for the outfit photos.

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