Tangle in the snow

20th January 2013

Kit and snow

The freezing-ass weather conditions has brought delights to my north London neighbourhoods, snow figures of various sizes including dodgy lopsided boobies being built in the neighbouring gardens and parks,  yup it’s a dirty dirty and good humored community here.  The heavy snowfall has affected my weekend plans with my Brother-blogger Ken who’s visiting from South Korea, he’s used to the extreme subzero temperatures in Seoul and Gwangju where he lives…the cold means nothing to him.  Pah! Why am I complaining then?

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  • Winnie 20th January 2013 at 22:12

    I know – I often feel the same but us Brits are just awful when it comes to snow, we can’t deal with it at all! Seoul is crazy at this time of year – I’ve seen so many photos from various friends out there and they really do get the extremes when it comes to weather. I like that they get proper seasons. I need to visit. Gorgeous photo by the way – very contemplative!!

  • Pak Lam 20th January 2013 at 23:26

    You British are such whiners.
    Lovely, lovely picture >,-

  • Illamo 20th January 2013 at 23:32

    Sorry abou the random question, are you from South Korea?
    Curious 😀

  • Yasmin 20th January 2013 at 23:34

    Beautiful photography as always, must be a pain to shoot and pose in the freezing cold temperature, I usually grit my teeth and give up later, something we do for a pretty picture hay?

  • Jennifer Is The Key 21st January 2013 at 01:18

    Love your post.

  • Chiu Ah Wen 21st January 2013 at 01:51

    你真好漂亮啊 !

  • Edie 21st January 2013 at 02:07

    Like a CD single cover. Beautiful.
    I know the feeling, as a non fashionista myself, I applaud your effort in looking great in the snow. Hope the weather this week won’t ruin your plans.

  • Marcus 21st January 2013 at 02:17

    There’s more snow coming this week, hope the underground system won’t affect the services. Seoul is known to be the best for literally everything, health care, public transport, food….unlike the UK. I hope the snow won’t stay long, dress warm!

  • Guxuan 21st January 2013 at 02:20


  • the style crusader 21st January 2013 at 10:34

    You look gorgeous in this shot! xx

  • Shini 21st January 2013 at 11:57

    @Illamo Kit’s from Jamaica!

  • Charlie 21st January 2013 at 14:37

    It’s snow white!! Don’t get eaten by the big bad wolf!

  • Jonelle 21st January 2013 at 18:22


  • Melbourne Laser Clinic 21st January 2013 at 18:25

    Love the serene and beauty in the snowy picture, very peaceful indeed.

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  • Dancome 21st January 2013 at 18:36

    Oh Kit, how do you managed to stay less frigid in the cold, you’re such a pro.
    I went to Beijing last winter the temperature was much INHUMANE than the Scottish weather, consider yourself lucky, it’s not bad at all.

  • Michelle 21st January 2013 at 21:22

    Beautiful picture, you look lovely and serene in the snow 🙂

    M x

  • Kit 21st January 2013 at 23:24

    @Illamo Oh no no, I wish though. My parents are from Hong Kong. My Brother teaches English in Gwangju, South Korea.

  • joy @OSS 21st January 2013 at 23:40

    sorry to hear your plans got ruined. at least you look really good here?

  • Florence Shah-Mathaway 22nd January 2013 at 02:35

    Your gorgeous skin is lovely as milk.
    Gosh wish I had a pair of lips like yours.

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  • Rachelle 27th January 2013 at 13:11

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