Hyped up in Japan

2nd August 2011










I should have went to Japan when I took a week long break to South Korea (Seoul and Jeje Island) two years ago, the country is literally right next door to each other…screw family holiday.  Two weekends ago I’ve attended Hyper Japan at Kensington Olympia in courtesy of Tabio, you could count it was a free one way flight ticket to Japan but in London.  Konichiwa!

I arrived hours before closing to avoid large crowds nor being turned away due to over growing capacity (thanks to Twitter for the up-to-date news of the event).  Many fans turned up in Cosplay (and hand-made) costumes in their favourite anime characters, sadly I couldn’t identify them I was gawking perversely at the girls cute hair accessories which looked like edible bon bons and miniature trimmed cup cakes.  So gutted that I missed my childhood anime idol, the live sized version of Tuxedo Karmen-sama from Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon had left the building before my arrival to rescue his deeply beloved Princess Serenity.  I wanted to tell him ‘I loved you since I first watched you from a aged VHS video tape’….y-e-a-h. *frowning myself in utter confusion, seriously uncool in state of mind*

The indoor lighting didn’t do much justice to my camera settings I refused to fiddle with numbers, but please do check out this awesome blog (discovered on Facebook) for Kawaii photos from the event, My Kawaii Space.

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