Cooking it with HP Mini

6th September 2011


My fragile state of mind and body clock is currently in a different time zone, say Hong Kong time zone 7 hours ahead, it has been so since I started freelance writing and styling for Chinese publications last December 2010.  This requires staying up late receiving and replying emails to my editors, bed by 4am and up at 12am.  Writing a blog entry or column (English to Chinese) as they would prefer to say, consists of rich marinate meat more seasoning and less weed-garnish.  Sometimes the preparation took a day or two with unexpected new ingredients and more marination time, if you know what I mean.



Within the 3 weeks in August meeting clients around London, my busy schedule detained me from starting new chapters for August submission, panic attack!  Thankfully, I was given a HP Mini 110-3101sa to trial for 3 weeks to see (non accustomed trial) if this mini laptop is suitable for bloggers like myself who is on the go i.e on public transport, cafes etc.  Although I only used the device to type up my stalled assignments on Words and sending documents via email, images must be processed and edited on Photoshop CS3 as I only shoot subjects in RAW or JPEG in high buggered MB, which unfortunately HP Mini cannot handle the capacity.  Otherwise, great for paragraphic bloggers.

Thanks Shini for the photos.

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