29th June 2011


While I procrastinate at home waiting for my new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens to arrive from DigitalRev in Hong Kong (omg the website + videos are genius) and hooray for having my Canon 550D and lens sold to a friend.  Recently, I’m finding it quite difficult to consume hundreds of emails a day, replying is especially time consuming and I should be out there shooting my outfits for my super delayed post, boxes and parcels of samples and gifts are piling high which brings shivers down my spine…sorry PRs!!  Maybe I should hire an assistant? *Grabs my younger sibling*




These past days I have been experiencing some lack of inspiration and creativeness on my blog or at least finding something useful to blog about, except giving a live weather forecast on Twitter and tackling my not-so-finished blog shop.  I was told I have a ‘Blogger’s Block’ a blog equivalent of writer’s block, is there such a thing as blogger’s block? That hurts.

Speaking of above. Ditto.  Here here, I have worn Estrada Monkey‘s floral bunting necklace a few times during the warm days in April, but never got a chance to photograph it.  Sweet, particulary it goes well with my floral outfit my family sees my clashing style quite *erhem* an eyesore, thanks.  Erin Estrada (part of the Rokit Designer’s Guild) is a self confessed magpie, a collector of sparkly, shiny things.  She uses recycled, reform, vintage fabric to create quirky jewellery pieces.  The bunting necklace and other new pieces are available to buy online next week and I’m excited to hear that her new designs are coming very soon.

Two more days and counting my Sigma lens will arrive, come on my Canon 50D needs to mate!

Things: magazines and catalogue – ELLE ITALIA, VOGUE JAPAN, MCM.  Teacup and saucer – courtesy of PIP HOME and TWININGS.  Bunting necklace – courtesy of ESTRADA MONKEY and ROKIT DESIGNER’S GUILD.

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