Tea Is Always a Good Idea

12th April 2017



Hello spring!

Can’t think of any better title for the post, but hey, I love tea.  This is probably one of the most random posts I’ve ever blogged, and I’m delighted to share with you my personal post, about spending time babysitting with my adorable 18th month old niece B (short for Bethany), while her parents were busy working and renovating their new house that went on for months.

Sacrificing my time to babysit B is definitely worth it, never mind the gagging-horror of changing her nappies, watching her favourite cartoon Peppa Pig together (roll eyes), singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars countless of times in funny kiddy voice. I adore her to bits.

The blog has been drifting in and out of hibernation, I know, regardless of the fact I had so much backlog posts to do, it’s time to make a fresh comeback and shooting with a brand new mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X-T2 (bye bye Canon, you’ve been great but your chunky body broke me).

Auntie Kit is back!


“Tea! Tea!”

B has gotten to know my morning ritual quite well.  That’s making a cuppa tea.  B knows I drink tea a lot, I mean a lot, all day, everyday.  She would watch me make tea and I make this silly and loud whisper ‘ahhhh’ sound every time I take a sip, just to make her laugh.  Her curiosity led to teaching her how to make a cuppa tea together every morning and afternoon.  She knows what I add in the tea cup in particular order, the usual basics – throw a tea bag in the cup, pour hot boiled water straight from the kettle, brew for 3 minutes, remove tea bag, pour soya milk, add a teaspoon of brown sugar and then stir.  She can utter basic baby words like chee (tea bag), moo (milk), boon (teaspoon).  My heart melts, every time.

So guys.  Whether you’re on babysitting duty or not, stay at home mum/dad, feeling frazzled and worn out, tea is always a good idea.  I repeat tea is always a good idea.  B, certainly think so.


Central heating and dehydration is a bugger-boo.  There were days when the cold snap was so cruel, switching the central heating on high, forgetting to hydrate, my skin suffered like a dry desert desperate for a lick of moisture.  I started to neglect my usual skincare routine after agreeing to help my sister out by looking after B for a few weeks.  Nowadays, I always make sure I apply my go-to facial serum before I hit the bed and after waking up in the morning. I use this amazing natural brand product from Korea, The Green Tea Seed Serum by Innisfree.  The serum is formulated with a unique blend of organic ingredients containing eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea and green tea seeds.  I’ve been using it non-stop since December, my skin feels nourishing, refreshing and smooth, I don’t even need to apply moisturiser.  No wonder the product is highly rated and an Innisfree best seller.  Highly recommended.


B loves dogs…and birds too.  She absolutely loves dog-spotting and approach them in the park, big or small, she’s not afraid of them.

My lovely floral arrangement from floral workshop the other month.  I brought it home and showed it to B, hoping she would approve of my creative eye in floral arrangement.  Oh no, no.  Her reaction wasn’t positive, she was just frightened by the sight of the flowers with foliage spilling-over the rim of the vase, resembling something quite monstrous-looking, like a creature with dozens of arms and fingers sticking out from its body…..get it?


Who knows toddlers can be such fussy eaters.  She eats bland food, soggy pasta and congee, the adults eats the good stuff.  See the zoodle salad I’d made a few weeks ago, I’m hoping to recreate it, a toddler-friendly salad when I get a chance.


My favourite picture of B photobombing my still life shot.



Just look at this face.  Caught in the moment when she refused to be spoon fed by her maternal-grandmother (my mum), I gave her a long stern look, telling her to eat the food or we won’t make tea.  She gave me this look.  Bam!  Cuteness overload.


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