Tel Aviv Visual Diary: Art Life, part 1

7th March 2017

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, trendy, cosmopolitan city with great beaches, sun, amazing food, exciting night life and super LGBT friendly.  I didn’t think I would end up falling in love with this place after familiarising with its surroundings, despite the feeling negative effect on what goes between the borders, politic instability and its effects on tourism. I can assure you Tel Aviv is a safe city, and the locals here are super friendly.  Any art and architecture lover (and foodies) Tel Aviv should be on your bucketlist!

Step in to the street art of Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighbourhood, one of the key areas for discovering street art.  Graffiti art and mural art adorning its streets, back-alleys and shop shutters. Revealing a strong sense of self-expression as well as social and political awareness (scroll gallery above), otherwise, creativity randomness through different mediums.





Located in the heart of the old Jaffa, Ilana Goor Musuem is a residence museum displaying wide selection of artwork by self taught artist Ilana Goor and other Israeli and international artists, including Diego Giacometti, Henry Moore, Joseph Albers, Yigal Tumarkin and others. From Jewish art, iron furnitures, figurative art to eclectic sculptures, distributed in a unique gallery space housed in an old 18th century building that was restored by Goor herself.  The building was formerly an inn for the pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, factory for the manufacture of soaps and perfumes, and served as a synagogue before restoring the building into, what’s now, a residence museum.

Ilana Goor Musuem, 4 Mazal Dagim Street, Old Jaffa.



Tel Aviv is one of the great examples of distinctive Bauhaus architecture, and frankly the world’s best preserved Bauhaus buildings.  I’m, however, utterly jealous.  Tel Aviv have Bauhaus.  We, London, have Brutalist.

Based on a minimalist approach which features its signature sleek streamlined style, with ocean liner or aerodynamic forms, graceful curves, bold colour and visual compositions inspired by the use of clean geometric forms – square, circle and triangle.



One of my favourite spots for original Bauhaus-style buildings in Tel Aviv, Hotel Cinema Esther.  It was originally one of the first movie theaters in Tel Aviv before being converted in to a modern-stylish hotel, keeping the original Art Deco decors giving a sense of nostalgia and old cinema experience.  With rooftop terrace views across Dizengoff Square and its neighbouring Bauhaus-style residential buildings.

Hotel Cinema Esther, 1 Zamenhoff Street.


Rothschild Boulevard in White City has a large concentration of original Bauhaus buildings in the world, which led to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.  Walk along the beautiful tree-lined street filled with charming cafes, shops, coffee kiosks, residential villas, night clubs, and so many more to see and do along the famous street.



Other interesting Bauhaus and modern buildings every Bauhaus lover and architect needs to see:

  • Habima Theatre, 19 Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Engel House, 81 Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Krieger House, 71 Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Dunkelblum House, 3 Yael Street.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and The Herta and Paul Amir Building, 27 Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech.

Stay tuned for the second part on Tel Aviv Visual Diary: Art Life.

Kit Lee was a guest of The Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

Monarch, the scheduled leisure airline, operates year-round flights to Tel Aviv from London Luton and Manchester airports with fares, including taxes, starting from £104 one way (£163 return).

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    Oh my, that architecture! I do enjoy a bit of Brutalism but it’s got nothing on Bauhaus <3

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