Guilty or Not Guilty?

18th January 2016

Jury Service Outfit

Happy New Year!

It’s my first blog post in 2016 and I haven’t figured out what my new year resolutions are except the usuals – blog more often, travel less (it’s hard to say no), spend more time bonding with my baby niece (I hate the feeling of being an absent aunt), and go eco-friendly.

So, back to normality after a month long trip to my second home in Hong Kong, and 10 days Jury Service (I know), and work resumes from today!  Speaking of Jury Service, I’m forbidden to reveal details of cases I was involved in.  Yes it does involve A LOT of waiting around (sometimes your name won’t get called for a trial until hours later or a day after), snoozing, feeling cold, tired and hungry from doing nothing, meeting and chatting to great numbers of jurors from all walks of life, read the same magazines over and over, serious lack of phone signal and no 3G/4G (the best place to get a signal is in the lavatory).  That’s Jury Service, I tell ya.  I wasn’t particularly bothered about dressing smart at the court, I mostly wore similar style on a daily basis, a shirt under a knitted pullover, jeans, tough boots, a simple scarf and long wool coat, which is great for desperate-snuggles.  As an avid bright colour and pattern lover, I avoided wearing bright colour it will attract eyes of the court onto you, or face being sent home or Contempt of of Court Charges – pay a fine or imprisonment.  My tips on what to wear at Jury Service is casual, comfortable, smart and conservative.  No flip flops, bright colour, shorts.  Not even a fancy dress costume.

Now, has anyone seen Making A Murderer on Netflix?

My wardrobe: Burberry coat, scarf and gloves, Levi’s mens shirt, Uniqlo mens pullover, Lee Cooper skinny jeans, Prime Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch, Aspinal of London laptop bag (gifted). Image shot on an iPhone 6.

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  • Reply Rakel 19th January 2016 at 08:50

    Happy 2016!!

    Love the picture!

  • Reply the style crusader 2nd February 2016 at 22:42

    Oh my gosh, MAKING A MURDERER!!! I’ve only just started watching it but I watched the third episode last night and was literally feeling sick. It is so twisted!!


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