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13th December 2010









I love a piece of clothing that has deep meaning of life, where the materials come from, how it is made, design with love and passion, appreciate story and journey of a successful brand.  Conscious cloth – natural cells and fibres were once alive-and-kicking organisms-beings before producing into a product, made and treated in a respectable manner. It makes you think of how you treat your clothes where-ever you buy your clothes from, how you wash your clothes in 40’C heat or worse chuck your cheap top in the bin after 15 wears….where’s the respect?

Chinti & Parker launched by the cousins Anna Singh (pictured) and Rachel Wood in 2009, the brand stocks in Matches, Start, Net-a-Porter and the likes.  Their designs of basic essentials includes t-shirts and jumpers produced in ethically sourced materials i.e organic pesticide free cotton, bamboo fibres and seaweed.  The brand has had a strong loyal celebrities fans like Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey.  Their success story goes on and on and continues on HERE, it’s a jolly good read and indeed educational.

Thanks Goodley PR and Chinti & Parker for inviting me over and a gifted top.

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  • Reply John 14th December 2010 at 00:33

    Ummm I still wear the same jeans for 18 years, slight wear and tears in the hem but still wearable. Well done for bringing this up.

  • Reply Tia 14th December 2010 at 01:15

    Aww the baby clothes are cute.

  • Reply Zosia W 14th December 2010 at 01:17

    Great post Kit especially about the respecting the clothes we purchased ourselves.

  • Reply Winnie 14th December 2010 at 02:09

    I hate throwing clothes out…I’m a terrible hoarder but at least I never bin clothes and always give them away to charity. Though I agree, I think it’s definitely not too late to start caring more for our clothes or be a smarter shopper with our purchases!

    Their basics look so soft and lovely!

  • Reply Deela Style 14th December 2010 at 17:33

    It’s not the government’s job to tell us how we need to reduce our carbons footprints, saving electricity and water etc….it’s our job too to do it rather pay a higher tax to do the job.

    This post is fantastic, I do wonder sometimes when I purchase things from shops.

  • Reply Jam 14th December 2010 at 17:34

    Let’s save the environment.

  • Reply Ah Elle 14th December 2010 at 20:21

    Made of seaweed? Amazing!

  • Reply Yulia Muratovich 14th December 2010 at 20:23

    I have a jumper made of bamboo fibres from Finland which I find fascinating. They feel luxurious though.

  • Reply Bee 15th December 2010 at 04:41

    I love their basic designs with a cause.

  • Reply northwest is best 15th December 2010 at 09:47

    Wow, some beautiful pieces here. I’m all about sustainability when it comes to clothing.

  • Reply the style crusader 15th December 2010 at 21:53

    a little gutted i didn’t get the chance to go to this. the collection looks so wearable but with a special little touch. nothing beats a perfect t-shirt or knit in really soft fabric. also, i’m a total sucker for stripes. looks beautiful. xx

  • Reply jill (polka dot) 16th December 2010 at 18:28

    I’m typing this while wearing MY gifted Chinti& Parker top! I love it and am literally living in it: sleeping in it, wearing it everywhere.. I was torn between posting about them today, or Elizabeth Lau’s pop up shop which is also thanks to you.. I can’t imagine how dreary my life would be without you in it.

    What you wrote is just what I would write, except I met Rachel but not (yet) Anna. So I think when I do my post I’m just gonna lift your text verbatim.. you don’t mind do you? : )

    I just realised: we got different tops. Rachel REMEMBERED which one I had my eye on. It’s those little details.. and there are such great little details. This brand is going to be major huge. Even Mr. D is wild about it. xx

  • Reply Shini 17th December 2010 at 22:30

    Kudos to you for bringing that up Kit, it’s more and more worrying how much ‘crap’ clothes we are exposed to because of the fast trend and customers looking for cheaper and cheaper clothes. We keep forgetting it’s merely attitude and actions we have to change before giving excuses for not ‘investing’ in conscious clothing because of the price. All we need to do is change our washing and garment treatment habits and that already wins back all the money!

    quality basics are the bessssst.

  • Reply Frankie - Swell Vintage 19th December 2010 at 19:06

    It’s all gorgeous! It’s always a pleasure to see a well-made collection x

  • Reply Platform Princess 22nd December 2010 at 00:44

    Ahh, such a great afternoon; they were so welcoming. I love this brand, and mother hen Anna.

    Sorry I missed you today, am still under the weather 🙁

    Have a great Christmas my love xx

  • Reply state of sunday 22nd December 2010 at 22:06

    always great to find out about new brands.. thank you for feeding my shopping addiction 😉

  • Reply Cristina 24th December 2010 at 22:25

    You have noted very interesting points!

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