16th April 2017



Although it seems nice, I don’t celebrate Easter.  Not since the annual Easter egg hunt days and dabbing poster paints and glitter on to polystyrene eggs when I was at school.  Receiving and giving Easter eggs is still quite nice.  Until now.  Today, I’m an auntie to my 18th month old niece, doing fun things with my niece is important for us to stay connected and spend time together when I’m not around in London.  Easter is a time of new beginnings, new life, new venture, and celebrate the start of spring with friends and family.  I want to take this opportunity to do something fun, for the sake of the blog, my creative fingers are itching.  Time to get creative.


So yeah, my first DIY in 2 years.  I have been inspired by all things DIY marble eggs that has been floating around on blogs and Pinterest, love how beautiful they look in pictures.  There are different methods of creating marbled-effect easter eggs, using; nail polish, shaving cream or whip cream with food colourings, natural dyes, and the likes.  I decided to the nail polish method.  Thankfully, I have a collection of old nail polishes that has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust, spare gold leaf and organza ribbon from previous DIY project.  As this was an experimental DIY project, trial and error, very messy, cracked eggs, and frustrations along the way.  My patience was definitely tested.  In the end it was fun, probably never do it again.  Below are the links of instructions which I find very helpful.

Instructions on how to blow-out an egg*, here.
Instructions for nail polish marble eggs, here.
Instructions for gold flecked eggs, here.
Instructions for hanging Easter eggs, here.

*My advice to blow-out an egg is, don’t use free-range egg and organic egg!  The yolk is too thick to break up and blow out well.  Best to use barn/caged egg.  Alternatively, use plastic egg, wooden egg or polystyrene egg, if you’re not too keen on the traditional method.



The result is beautiful!  I hung the marble easter eggs on the apple blossoms branches, freshly-cut from my garden.  One egg fell and cracked from the branch as I was trying to re-arrange the eggs and angling them in different way, you can see the blue egg hiding beside the vase.  What do you think?  I appreciate your feedback.


Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate to indulge in delicious carrot cake!  My super talented sister baked a toddler-friendly carrot cupcakes on the day of her birthday, it’s super healthy which consists of natural ingredients; ripped bananas (to replace sugar), desiccated coconuts, plain flour, coconut oil and organic carrots.  Topped with diary lea cheese frosting and decorated with sugar-free sprinkles.  It was delicious and little Bethany is a big fan.


Happy Easter to you all!


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