26th October 2012

Mistry morning

Style Slicker for Reebok x District MTV 2

Style Slicker x Reebok for District MTV 3

I couldn’t resist shooting this gorg Reebok AK Freestyle DB (for District MTV) in a vacant tennis court, which set beautifully against the scenic backdrop of misty woodland in N14.  Jumping and stretching aimlessly high to achieve maximum results that led to bouts of spasm attacks in one of the thighs and calves, shamelessly fun but sore, it was an act of self sacrifice for the sake of art.  The sore was worth it.


Reebok studded sneakers courtesy of Reebok for Footlocker, in collaboration with District MTV.


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  • Reply Francesca Him 26th October 2012 at 03:25

    Wow what a height!

  • Reply Olga K 26th October 2012 at 03:26

    You made it look easy I can only hop ha ha ha.

  • Reply Sigmar 26th October 2012 at 10:20

    Love the mist lingering over the trees, stunning pictures and colour.

  • Reply Gail English 26th October 2012 at 10:20

    Those trainers looks lovely on you and great backdrop too.

  • Reply Stephanie 26th October 2012 at 10:23

    Nice post.

  • Reply Charlie 26th October 2012 at 10:51

    Oh my god Kit this is so cool!!! You’re so energetic I don’t think I could ever pull of jumps like you do. Killerrrr!

  • Reply Tenelle 26th October 2012 at 13:12

    Great post and stunning images as usual. I am slightly obsessed with the Reebok A.K collection; the ‘Nylon Classic’ pair is my favourite.

  • Reply Théa Unknown 26th October 2012 at 14:08

    Amazing outfit and I love your sneakers!

    Théa Unknown

  • Reply Fashion Hot 26th October 2012 at 14:17

    Elegant jump shots!
    I want your Reebok sneakers > NOW.

  • Reply Duck 26th October 2012 at 14:28

    OH MY GOD that first jump is crazy! How the hell do you jump so high?!

    • Reply Kit Lee 26th October 2012 at 14:31

      @Duck – Easy peasy, first you crouch like a cocoon and then you lift off, stretch your limbs out until you feel pain LOL.

  • Reply rainia 26th October 2012 at 17:30

    How do you throw your arms and legs around without looking like you struggled?

  • Reply winnie 26th October 2012 at 23:58

    Amazing Kit! Were you ever a dancer?

    • Reply Kit Lee 28th October 2012 at 23:50

      @Winnie – Yup I used to dance when I was little, sadly I wasn’t able to flex as I once were.

  • Reply Becky | 27th October 2012 at 01:24

    Stunning photos. You’re a true pioneer!

  • Reply Michelle Lee 27th October 2012 at 12:01

    omg that looks amazing!

  • Reply The Hooting Post 28th October 2012 at 07:56

    Uber cool levitation, caught on cam.
    Thumbs up!

  • Reply Anthea 29th October 2012 at 07:00

    perfect sneakers! totally love those jumping photos xoxo


  • Reply Duck 30th October 2012 at 19:56

    …then trip while landing, sprain ankle…

  • Reply the style crusader 2nd November 2012 at 12:15

    Oh my gosh Kit you are the best jumper! You look like you belong in a 90s hip hop video! xx

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