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12th June 2017








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I haven’t realised until now, how much time has flown by so quickly these couple of years.  I went travelling here, there and almost everywhere, I’ve been busy working on commissioned based work and shooting with my favourite bloggers, helping my sister out with her kid, my niece Bethany, who is now 20 months old.  The state of mental lethargy and unproductive lead to setbacks in blogging and whether the state of blogging ever had existence – hey, the blog is alive and slowly kicking, but neglected.  Two years have gone by, the most amazing thing of all…this hopelessly smitten auntie.

As part of the Sweetie Redefined campaign with Links of London, I wanted to share a story with these beautiful Sweetie charm bracelet, dedicated to my wonderful niece Bethany with whom I’m utterly, utterly smitten with.

Truthfully, I was never into charm bracelets.  In fact, 6 years ago, I purchased one by mistake. Unimpressed with my selection, the charms were meaningless with no story to tell.  This collaboration with Links of London, I knew it’s going to be a special project.  My style is constantly ever-evolving, from clashing floral print, double denim, to trying-to-look-smart-and-sophisticated kind of style.  I wanted a charm bracelet that appeals to both genders of all ages that defines the life of every person and their style genres.  As a 30 something woman, I’m never too old to wear a charm bracelet.

The Sweetie bracelet comes in sterling silver, 18kt gold, and 18kt rose gold with an expandable circumferences.  I have always worn rose gold bracelet to suit my warm skin tone, I chose sterling silver bracelet to give my wrist a pop of colour.  I must admit, I struggled to pick which charms to adorn my bracelet with.  Less is more.  Each charm must represent something that happened to my life and my niece’s life, or the things we’re fond of, that symbolises our close bond and the beautiful way in which they tell a story.  Here are the charms I personalised the bracelet with and why I chose it;

  • Amulet 18kt Rose Vermeil Self Discovery Charm – ‘A powerful symbol of authenticity and self-confidence, earthy, Labradorite takes centre stage’. I’ve learnt so much about myself, not as a person, but an auntie to dear niece, Bethany.  She taught me about love, patience and how to be fun with a kid.
  • Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow gold Vermeil Tea Pot Charm – You know me, I love drinking English breakfast tea.  I drink tea a lot when I’m around with Bethany and it keeps me sane all day long.  She noticed my habit before she can even walk, thinking what is that warm brown liquid that makes you say ahhh after taking a sip. I taught Bethany how to make a cup of tea, I repeat the process when I need a cuppa. She thinks it’s fun and it helps her to memorise words and order of things, from smelling a tea bag, pour hot water in a cup, milk and sugar, and stir.  Now I drink decaf.  Sometimes I let her dip her finger in my warm tea to have a taste (no harm done).  I find her hilarious sometimes, and I laugh a lot when I think of her and tea.
  • 18kt Yellow Gold K Charm – K is an initial of my first name.
  • Sterling Silver Shooting Star Charm – Like all  newborns and young toddlers, they love a good traditional nursery rhymes, like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  Bethany’s mum (my sister) and I first sang the song to her when she was a few weeks old, she had colic at the time.  No matter how tone-deaf our tunes were, a singsong tone helps calm a baby down.  We still sing the song to her, but in an animated way.

Bethany is wearing a similar Sweetie bracelet in a child size personalised with animal charms.  My hope is that someday Bethany will always enjoy looking at the charms, as well as a reminder of our wonderful fun times being together, our strong auntie-niece ties, and that represent her childhood.

The Sweetie bracelet and charms are available online and in-stores across the UK.

In collaboration with Links of London as part of their Sweetie Redefined campaign.
Thanks for Bethany‘s parents for letting her be part of the meaningful campaign.  All words and opinions are my own.


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