Fashion Insider: Sarah Nice @ ASOS (Part 5)

12th May 2009


This photo was taken on a shoot for ASOS Life

Name: Sarah Nice

Location: Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.  Currently living in North London.

Job Position: Editorial Assistant at ASOS.

Mini Interview:

S.S: Describe your style in THREE words.

S.N: Rock, 70's, Boho.

S.S: What inspires you?

S.N: Everything and anything really, from the 60's and 70's.  I love the impractical glamour of a bond girl and the girly style of the film 'Virgin Suicides' but then I mix my style up with men's peices, such as the odd over sized/checked shirt and men's denims.

S.S: What got you into fashion?

S.N: I like making things look pretty…it seemed the obvious choice – simple as that really!!!

S.S: Do you have any sort of fashion background?

S.N: I studied Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins before joining 2 and a half years ago.  I've worked in fashion PR, assisted stylists as well as fashion and beauty journalists, I was also a makeup artist – I'm a complete beauty junky!!

S.S: What doe syour job involve?

S.N: Coordinating/creating and assisting styling our newsletters which we send out to over 1.7m ASOS customers, twice a week.

S.S: What's the best thing about your job?

S.N: Working with awesome set of people, whilst getting to be creative everyday.

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