Clifton Nurseries

13th August 2013

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries

London has full of unexpected surprises waiting for us to discover and explore (outside fashion), the Pergola and The Hill Garden in Hampstead is one of my favourite finds and I often return to the garden to grab some photos or to coincide with a story/feature for my potential blog post.  I stumbled across Clifton Nurseries on the web last autumn, well, on actually.  It has taken me 10 long months of patience, and I’ve finally dragged myself out to visit this delightful gem in Little Venice, was well worth a trip if you love discovering secret spots.  The nurseries houses large range of interesting plants and flowers, lemon trees, olive trees, they even have grape vines draped all over the pergola, as well as offering garden design and maintenance services for your gardening needs.  A spot of afternoon tea and scrumptious cakes at The Quince Tree cafe inside a palm house, I personally recommend their Cherry and Pistachio cake, it was delicious. After spending a good hour of snapping away and admiring the nurseries, I didn’t leave the place empty handed, I bought a pot of baby cacti and a packet sweet pea seeds ready to sow in October.

Clifton Nurseries, 5A Clifton Villas, London  W9 2PH.

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  • Reply Sam 13th August 2013 at 18:40

    I used to live there as a student, I never the place existed, I’m gobsmacked.

  • Reply Florence Shah-Mathaway 13th August 2013 at 19:18

    What a splendid place to discover in leafy west London, great shots.

  • Reply Anaisey 13th August 2013 at 19:24

    I love reading all your discoveries on parks and gardens, and all the beautiful photography which makes London look so desirable to live in no matter where you are, there are undiscovered secrets. I still love the Pergola garden post.

  • Reply Mao Mao 13th August 2013 at 19:25


  • Reply Jonelle 13th August 2013 at 22:11

    Love this post. x

  • Reply Candy 14th August 2013 at 00:24

    The garden looks incredible Kit. I will for sure, visit the place one day my mum would love this.

  • Reply Eleanor 14th August 2013 at 00:25


  • Reply Guxuan 14th August 2013 at 00:27

    What a find!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Matthew Pike 14th August 2013 at 09:10

    That’s a proper hidden gem, wish I could smell it

  • Reply Apple Choi 14th August 2013 at 10:37

    Love those chilli pepper plants.

  • Reply Jessica Lionel 14th August 2013 at 13:29

    After reading your Barbican post, I went to visit there last Sunday, I didn’t expect the conservatory to be that huge! So I’d like to say thank you for sharing your finds. This, I will pay a visit when I’m in town next.

  • Reply Lana 14th August 2013 at 13:33

    Love this!

  • Reply Ingrida 15th August 2013 at 00:47

    Beautifully photographed as expected.

  • Reply Mani 15th August 2013 at 03:29

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never come across a cafe/nursery in Australia, but it seems like such a brilliant idea.

  • Reply Michelle Lee 15th August 2013 at 10:53


  • Reply Lisa 18th August 2013 at 04:13

    This looks beautiful! Wish I’d known about it when I was in London a couple months ago!

  • Reply Lola 21st August 2013 at 21:10

    Woah! These pictures are amazing, your pictures never fail to make my jaw drop, they are always so beautiful xxx

  • Reply Quiqui 22nd August 2013 at 14:00

    Beautiful! My mother-in-law would love to see this place!

  • Reply sha 26th August 2013 at 02:48

    Kit!!! Your photos (both blog and instagram) always make me miss London so much! I would’ve loved to have gone here while I was thereeeeeee. I’m eyeing those cute baby succulents! When are you coming back to HK?

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