Wild Bluebell

3rd July 2011





I don’t have much shopping experience with fragrance or anything to do with scent, I usually visit to random perfume counters in Selfridges, squirt a few samples, sniff it and if I like it I buy it, no questions asked.

I got this lovely Jo Malone ‘Wild Bluebell’ cologne a while ago at a press launch, I loved how the bottle was placed on its matching bluebell-colour tulle bed, snuggled in a signature cream box.  I have clusters of Bluebells growing in my back garden blooms in May season and honestly speaking, I dislike them.  Don’t get me wrong they are pretty to look but the scent they give off is tooo pungent, which doesn’t give my useless nasal passages (hayfever) any justice.  I suck.

This new scent, inspired by a wickedly whimsical, contemporary fairytale that stars Wild Bluebell herself.  Terribly English, naughty but nice.  Without the overly pungent and scented in style this is the best light floral fragrance I’ve sampled, pleasant wild little thing.  With Lily of the valley, eglantine and jasmine are found at the heart with white amber and musk at the base of the scent, as well as bluebell and cloves form the top notes (I had to wikipedia what ‘notes’ means in perfumery).  The product is tasteful and whimsical luxury.

What’s next for Jo Malone?  Well here’s my short plea to Jo Marlone perfumer; P-l-e-a-s-e create a cologne of my favourite flower – Snowdrop, pretty please?

The Wild Bluebell cologne and ancillaries are available from September 2011, the 100ml cologne (as pictured) retails for £72.00.  Thank you Jo Malone.


Bahhhh my wasted and expensive polaroids. I tried to capture the fairytale-like essence of the cologne, but the result came out ghostly and overly exposed.  I suck again.

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