LFW beauty survival kit, quite basic really

8th March 2012


After hacking off my long fringe in Hong Kong now sitting blindly on the lash line, I have the perfect excuse not to pluck my eyebrows for a few weeks or fill in the brows with dark brown pencil.  As my late 20’s quickly ticking away towards turning the big three o next month (yikes), my skin has the tendency to become dehydrated in all seasons and I admit I don’t drink enough water nor eat enough fruits ‘5 a day’, yet I still have flawless skin (confirmed by several MUAs, surprised?) minus the clustered freckles, blackheads on the nose and dryness under the eyes.  I must kick off my daily dosage of English breakfast tea and drink more H20 to curb desert skin.

The blasting cold air and indoor heating at LFW were quite troublesome for my skin, downing free bottles of skittles provided at the tent was pathetically delusive. So, here’s my LFW beauty survival kit, it’s quite basic really I mean my skin doesn’t need to be smothered by layers of products.

beautysurvival3ELEMIS Tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash.  CLARINS Toning lotion, for combination or oily skin.  VICHY aqualia thermal 24hr hydrating serum.  VICHY Normaderm tri-activ anti-imperfection hydrating care.
beautysurvial4DR.G Perfect pore cover BB cream SPF 30.  HANSKIN Glossy magaic bb cream.  SCHWARZKOPF OSIS+ Bodyfiying dry shampoo (I know it irrelevant to beauty, it’s just the case if you haven’t washed your hair for days).
beautysurvival2MAC Plush black mascara.  BOOTS NO’7 Truffle stay perfect eye shadow no’65.  CHANEL Stylo yeux waterproof eyeliner pencil no’10.  CHANEL Liquid eyeliner no’31.  CHANEL Brilliant a levres lipshine no’95.  VASELINE Cocoa butter lip balm.

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  • Reply jangela hwang 8th March 2012 at 19:52

    Oh you use bb cream too? Hanskin has relaunched their products and the ones you have is out of production.

  • Reply Lin An 8th March 2012 at 20:02

    My mama always tells me to drink more water if I wanted to keep my youthful skin, however I’m 34 and I smoke, my skin sags like old elderly’s bottom.

  • Reply Lucky7 8th March 2012 at 20:53

    Love how you used your beauty products placed against the jewelry books particularly the Faberge eggs page.

  • Reply Miss Fash 8th March 2012 at 22:06

    Lovely pictures you have here. Hmm dry shampoo? Do they really work?

  • Reply G E 8th March 2012 at 22:42

    Nice post.

  • Reply Annabel 8th March 2012 at 23:02

    Oh my god! I use Vichy aqualia thermal serum too!!!!! Pricey but they do work!

  • Reply Noaki 8th March 2012 at 23:07

    You’re using a combination of mostly expensive products with little affordable ones like Vaseline and the Boots eyeshadow, they maybe good ones but I can’t afford such luxury indulgence. Otherwise, great photography.

  • Reply kpt 9th March 2012 at 00:12

    Love love love!

  • Reply kayleigh 9th March 2012 at 00:53

    Hahahahahaha @ ‘downing free bottles of skittles’ – Vitamin Water?

  • Reply Fabienne 9th March 2012 at 00:55

    I’ve never seen the bb creams around here in the UK but only the western ones, are they available only in Asian countries?

  • Reply Joy 9th March 2012 at 01:25

    crazy load of beauty products! I love it.

  • Reply Lilix 9th March 2012 at 10:54

    Hydrating serum and bb cream are life savers, that Hanskin product is long gone.

  • Reply michelle 9th March 2012 at 14:07

    beautiful images 🙂

  • Reply sha 9th March 2012 at 14:19

    I’ve always been so curious about BB cream but I’m always too scared to try new stuff on muh face – I’m boring like that hehe.

  • Reply peebo 9th March 2012 at 19:26

    love the artistic post.

  • Reply styleeast 9th March 2012 at 21:04

    I can’t believe it’s nearly your 30th! SERIOUSLY. I hope you’re celebrating in style! x

    • Reply Kit Lee 10th March 2012 at 03:06

      @styleeast Ha I’m hoping to celebrate my bday alone….maybe go hiking in Snowdonia and reflect on myself and life, I don’t like the attention tbh with ya.

  • Reply Winnie 10th March 2012 at 15:56

    Oh wow, I love how you presented all your skincare routine with the magazine…looks so effective! I’ve always wondered about the Vichy stuff. Awww you’re still young Kit! There’s absolutely no way that you look 30, thank goodness for Asian genes!

  • Reply the style crusader 13th March 2012 at 07:07

    Wait, I’m confused… that looks like a heckuva lot of lotions?! You call yourself low maintenance woman? Low maintenance is a pair of false eye lashes and a single bottle of multi-purpose nivea lotion (that’s how I roll… err… plus 5 x nail polishes, 8 x lip sticks, 1 x bronzer, 1 x blush, 1 x eye brow powder filler thing…. ok, maybe I’m not as low maintenance as I like to pretend?).

    SO EXCITED for your birthday. I think 30 is going to be an awesome awesome year. xx

    • Reply Kit Lee 13th March 2012 at 13:05

      @the style crusader Jen, you’re blessed with natural flawless skin. I done my skin a little damage from the sun, didn’t wear sun protection when I went to Singapore and Malaysia in the summer of 2005, and that’s FRECKLES!!!!! You do understand I’m approaching the mature age, I need to preserve my youth hahahahaha, actually they’re minimal products compare to my friends’, they have MAX.

  • Reply Lola 15th March 2012 at 12:57

    Your skin looks pretty flawless to moi! XX

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