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19th February 2018




Water essence aka beauty water, is regarded as one of the most essential steps in every skincare routine.  What is water essence?  Water essence is a water-based infusion applied after toner and before serum, morning and night.  It’s a popular skincare ritual across Asia, helps to boost brightness and hydration on your skin.  There are many different variations of essence to suit your skin type or specific needs, such as essence lotion, energy essence, brightening essence, solid water essence, activating water essence, and many more.  Like most skincare-obsessed peeps I know and follow use one specific premium brand that works like magic (they say, it’s a purchase you’ll never regret) is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.  The best-seller product with ingredients remained unchanged for 35 years, retailing at £90 a bottle is crazy expensive.  Unless you have a skin problem that may work for you or have a high maintenance skincare, yes buy it.  I wouldn’t.

I’ve tried a few water-based essences from different brands; Innisfree, Laniege, Missha, Biotherma, and Caudalie.  They were okay, but not as brilliant yet, I’m super picky with productsNot all water essence bode well with other products I’m currently using in my skincare routine.  I wanted something subtle with bio-active-friendly, non-potent botanical-based ingredients to boost my dehydrated skin and no science craziness.  Am I asking too much?  Jurlique has kindly sent me a bottle of *Activating Water Essence to try after boasting how much I love their classic Rosewater Balancing Mist on social media, love how it absorbs into my skin quickly and smells so lovely and not over empowering, I also sampled their Lavender Hydrating Mist a few years back, the lavender scent helped my insomnia immensely.  I have been using the Activating Water Essence morning and night for a few weeks now, my skin is supple, bright and hydrated.  The essence contains beneficial botanical-based extracts, all naturally grown in Australia; marshmallow root, calendula flower extract, essential oils, and the gorgeous notes of lavender, rosemary, nettle, sage and many more natural goodness, which explains the herbally scent.

Jurlique has recently launched a limited editions to celebrate the Year of the Dog, Activating Water Essence, and Rose Body Oil.  Presented in a beautiful limited edition packaging box featuring stunning artwork of auspicious red roses created exclusively for Chinese New Year, they’re perfect gifting for friends and family, who needs a fancy gift wrap?

*Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.


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