A cup of Loverdose

19th October 2011



I have to apologise to the Materialiste PR in Paris for delaying this post, was troubled with lack of creative thinking after LFW.  I’ve been holding this Diesel’s Loverdose perfume bottle in my hand for two months, figuring out how to shoot this heart shape object in a simplistic-creative way, I had this weird and wonderful idea of smashing the bottle into half, lay it on the floor, pour an exact purple coloured Listerine mouth-wash around the scattered glass debris and capture the chemical reaction.  Theme: Love is acidic. Well, the idea was somehow slowly eroded away, long forgotten.

For this idea…my last and only hope with quick creative thinking, I used water to signify ‘love can be refilled’ and ‘refill its seduction’ in a pure white tea cup, water represents purity but can contaminate with love, hate vice versa(the tea cup part is what I’m confused of), oh well bottoms up!  Please note this is not a competition or advertising idea for Diesel as it looks so, this is just a new experimental idea of photographing a product as alternate direction for my blog rather than bland product stills of meaningless.


Interesting interpretations of Loverdose in Diesel magazine (in French), seriously the Listerine idea would have worked.



An iconic bottle: A heart of precious glass with ever-shifting pink amethyst highlights.  A detail like a secret: the black dagger piercing it.  Cut like a diamond, the Loverdose bottle can be stood up in three different positions.
Wood oriental with a liquorice heart: The base notes feature the spellbinding warmth of vanilla infusion mingling with ambrox.  Creamy liquorice liquer mixes with woody scents.  That is the addictive, unprecedented vapor trail that makes Loverdose intense and unforgettable.

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