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My obese wardrobes (I have two) are about to erupt like a volcano, both in need of spring clear-out before one of them wins the heavy weight championship of the year.  On the other hand, my private shower cubicle, now no longer work due to dodgy plumbing work, became a dumping ground for bin bags and cardboard boxes containing clothes, accessories and all sorts of randomness that I’m no longer wear and loved, things I bought for no apparent reason, the sizes too small or too big, and there are some press gifts that I’m willing to swap rather than make money out of it.  It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago or so when I discovered *Vinted, an online marketplace to sell, buy, or swap pre-loved items – I love the fact that the site’s interface is uncomplicated, easy to navigate, there are Q&As forums to help you with queries, it’s advisable if the items were shot from a basic point and shoot camera and smartphone (Vinted app is available to download on Android and iPhone).  I have listed 10 dressings to sell and swap, I was astonished how quickly the items got sold quickly within days of uploading the photos, I’ve sold 4 items!  Time to upload some more items!

Find me on Vinted, my username is STYLESLICKER.

Stay tuned for the second blog post!

*A wee little collaborative post with Vinted (UK)


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  2. Interesting concept, it’s similar to eBay and Vestaire but simpler. I’m intrigued to try this app out and see how it goes, I, too have lots of unwanted clothes to sell.

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