Book announcement: Adorn


I’ve been keeping this quiet for quite some time now, nor have I ever mentioned it on social media, now I can finally able to share my exciting news with you all – readers, followers, fellow lurkers, friends and family.  I’m excited to announce TODAY that my buddy Shini and I have created a DIY book with Hardie Grant called Adorn: 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects, available in early April 2014 (book release to be announced soon).  The book features our 25 affordable DIY projects, easy to follow how to’s – how to customise garments and accessories with embellishment, trims, paints, and so on.  As well as featuring our signature photography enough to make you drool, it is intended to sit on a coffee table, now clear your coffee table and make space for us.

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  1. CONGRATS!!! i am really looking forward to the release, i have only ever successfully managed to complete and actually use one diy in my entire life and that was the floral garter that you showed, i love it xx

  2. I’m one of the lurkers of 3 years, this is my comment on here, so here goes – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BOOK!

  3. omg congrats! bet you’re so relieved that the whole process is out of the way, can’t wait to purchase your book.

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