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I can’t seem to get enough of my brother Ken’s over flowing  Instagram feed of mouthwatering Korean deliciousness, and his amazing food photography on his ever so popular, brilliantly written food & culture blog ‘Seoul State of Mind‘, I want to eat everything he forages in his adoptive homeland.  My taste bud has some sort of odd cravings for comfort food, Korean food has always been on top of my mind, but I still have this Christmas dinner bulge that needs to be shifted to one side, and make room for another feast.

Last weekend, I quenched my urge with my Korean food-loving sister May at Bibimbap on Charlotte Street, they’ve recently opened its second branch a few months ago.  Eager to try out whatever that fills our stomaches easily, we ordered Prawn Katsu, Japchae and Kimchi as sides, Mixed Seafood Bibimbap and a generous portion of Beef Bibimbap Salad.  I haven’t had dolsot bibimbap (hot stone pot) since my last trip to Hong Kong, mixing the vegetables, seafood and rice whilst the stone pot sizzles, has brought excitement back to me again.  Scraping the last few grain of rice later, I gave a light sigh of relief and a giddy grin, I really enjoyed it.  More Bibimbap please!

Style Slicker and guest were guests of Bibimbap.
Bibimbap is located at: 10 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2LT (see Google


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  2. Oh I love Bibimbap – the sizzle and the slightly crisp rice is my absolute fave! This place looks awesome. I’ll be sure to check it out the next time I visit London!

  3. I adore Korean cuisine. I make my Korean sister in law cook all the traditional dishes for me whenever I’m back home in NZ.

  4. I tried beef bulgolgi bibimbap for the first time and it was good! I would love to eat there again!

  5. I should never look at photos of food in the middle of the night revising for exams.

  6. I eat at Bibimbap in Soho with friends a lot during weekends, from light bites to generous portions, they’re very affordable to students to like me.

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