The zebra is very cross




No pun intended.  The zebra is happy.

Don’t you hate it when your hair sticks to your lips after applying red lipstick on, especially on a windy breezy day like this, the lip colour would stick to the hair and smear across your cheek and random areas, like you have self-inflicted wounds.  Ummm, from your own hair?  It’s plausible.  I kinda miss having long locks, the hair that acts like a security blanket, some sort of comfort and insulating feeling.  I’m not used to having the back of my naked neck exposed to cold elements (in fact, the weather has been fairly mild).  Wearing a scarf doesn’t feel the same way as having hair and neck relationship.  But regardless of the reason, spring is just around the corner, the bob and fringe needs a trim.

Speaking of weather, a year ago today, London became black and white!  Shouldn’t it be snowing by now?

My wardrobe: black and white striped top c/o Gudrun Sjödén, dress and coat by Samsoe & Samsoe, tights from Uniqlo, high top studded sneakers by Alicia Keys x Reebok, headphones by Frends via Avenue32, funky zebra bag by MCM.  Outfit photos by Shini.


  1. have you had it cut mch to maintain the style, it looks like it has grown to me! I don’t have much problems with lipstick but i can never apply lipgloss for this reason. you look lovely btw xx

  2. I’ve been out of touch on the blogosphere for over a year, I’m surprised to find your blog layout has changed dramatically, and going through your old posts. Your photography are beautiful as always. Oh my, you have bob! Love it. xox

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