Oreo delight

Oreo vanilla ice cream

Oreo vanilla ice cream

oreo vanilla ice cream

I’m still trying to figure a way to overcome this tummy bulge after excesses of Christmas feast, and my recent porning antics over this ever so enticing Oreo vanilla ice cream with salted caramel chocolate flakes, picture spamming to Snapchat friends to make them drool with envy (sorry friends), it has become my sort-of-daily fancy fulfilling my hunger-boredom whilst working from home.  Don’t worry I’m not pregnant, it’s the hormones.  It’s easy peasy to make, all you need is a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in a bowl, break up the Oreos and scatter them randomly over the ice cream, and then the secret ingredient if you’re lucky to have one in your kitchen cupboard, a teaspoon of salted caramel chocolate flakes (I bought mine from Taste of Christmas event) sprinkle all over the ice cream and oreos, or just use hot chocolate powder mix with a pinch of sea salt.  Totes droolicious!


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