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It’s Blue Monday, I’m slowly adapting to this so called ‘new normal’ in 2014 in my natural habitat, I’ve decluttered my cubby-hole over the weekend and it has cluttered again surrounded by the usual assortment of mess; tangled cables and electronic devices, letters, deliveries, and samples waiting to be returned…not exactly the ‘new normal’, it’s the same ‘old normal.’  Finally dumped my decaying Christmas foliages in the compost pit, let the nature do its thing, ready for fresh new fill for the vegetable garden in the coming summer…praying in hope for another great summer for the second time round.  You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I took up a knitting project with the lovely Wool and the Gang peeps, great another new scarf to add to my winter scarves collection.  Challenged by other styles and complicated knit stitches that would hinder progress, I prefer speed knitting and resolutely favoured the garter knit stitch, the same knitting technique that my mum taught me as a kid, so for convenience and size matter for future emergencies (if the deep freeze ever to happen soon or after) I selected the long and chunky Foxy Roxy style in tweed grey.  The speed knitting fits the hourly productivity without hindrance, there were a few opps along the way, tension control and when the yarn split on few occasions, I managed to join the yarn by splitting plies and re-twisting it back together…thanks to my B grade in GCSE Textiles.  Many groundhog days and five balls of yarn later, pretty much lost count on how many tea breaks I’ve had, this cute slab of knitted yarn morphed in to maturity, row upon row it grew a good 2 metre or so, heavy.  Behold my new pet a boa constrictor, Foxy Roxy lovingly wrapped around my head and shoulder, my brother Ken is pestering me to make him a snood, the drop in temperature and snowfall in GwangJu, South Korea sounds concerning, as a dutiful elder sister maybe I should knit him a snood, Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Listen up knitters and yarn lovers, the Wool and the Gang have just launched a competition where a winner win a year’s supply of their yarns worth $2014, click HERE to enter.

Instagram round up @styleslicker.


The knitting kit and yarn for Foxy Roxy scarf were kindly provided by the Wool and the Gang. Outfit shots by Shini.


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  2. I did sort of learn to knit when I was at art college, did a bit but they didn’t do it for about a month and had totally forget. So ye, I just gave up. Giving up isn’t cool but it looks like you didn’t forget. I especially like the photo of you conked out, tiring hey!

    Thank you for the wedding recc, I’ll be sure to check that out.

  3. I’m still in awe that you did all this. I had a look at their website last week. No way in hell am I going to knit a scarf myself. I’d probably buy one, all knitted and ready to be shipped :P

  4. Oh my gosh. Loved following your updates on Instagram about this project. The end result is all sorts of crazy beautiful. These shots are incredible too Kit. Seriously beautiful photos – you look incredible. Also, really like the colour you chose – that grey is one of my favourite shades.

    p.s. it’s not that cold in Zurich really but if you want to send a snood over here too, I wouldn’t be against it. xx

  5. @Nana – The leather quilted gloves are from Burberry.

    @Francesca – The scarf is comfortably light.

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