Happy New Year

Dried Flowers - Kit Lee


I missed the countdown to 2014 and went to bed early, knackered and sleepy from over-indulgence on carbs, and watching endless sci-fi movies on DVDs at my sister Helen‘s marital home in the suburban South London, it was quite a journey to and back…and very cold!  2013 has been a slow year for me, but a very fruitful and busy one.  Slow?  I mean slow on blogging, surprisingly I blogged 66 times in a year, it doesn’t really bother me to be honest (showing no concern here), ‘not so great’ according to my bro Ken and friends.  I gotta say, boredom hits you pretty quickly, laziness and post-holiday blues accounts for lack of posts, nonetheless I still need a holiday.  As long as I’m active on Instagram I’m super duper happy.

My new year resolutions are, work hard and play hard.  Wish you happiness and prosperity in 2014!  Now off to watch the first episode of Sherlock (season 3) on BBC iPlayer….for the third time.


  1. Happy New Year Kit!
    I didn’t realised that 2013 was a slow one for you, congratulations for being busy hope it’s blog related.
    I wish you and your blog all the best in 2014.

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