Visual diary: In Paris with Next

2013-10-03 13.11.14_1

Next in Paris 14

Next in Paris 2

Next in Paris 1

Next in Paris 5

Next in Paris 15

Next in Paris 13

Next in Paris 7

Next in Paris 6

Next in Paris 11

Next in Paris 12


Nex in Paris 9


I returned home almost a month ago after a week long trip to North Cyprus, my post holiday blues disappeared two weeks later and back to the usual daily humdrum.  Being a long term sun-hater, I really did miss my first proper sun bathing experience on a sandy beach, *tahdahhh, wave hands* hello freckled face and odd tan lines.  Perhaps I should include ‘Kit, formerly a sun-hater…‘ in my resume.  And another thing, I do miss my usual daily treats, chips. Yes chips!  Right now I’m laughing out loud because my next holiday is just around the corner!

Not long after my return, I spent two days in Paris with team Next and my lovely friends; Reem, Shini, Emily, Carrie and Ella (as pictured) just doing fun girly activities; from the long overdue catch up conversation over lunch at Schmuck, giggles and intensive macaron making masterclass at Les Secrets Gourmands De Noemie to sampling Pierre Herme‘s macarons, and La Maison Angelina‘s rich hot chocolate drink and mouthwatering eclairs.  The two day trip was relatively short-lived, can we have deja-vu every day so we can stay and have fun in Paris…like forever?

Pictorial highlights:

Photo 1: Saint Germain.
Photo 2 & 3: Lunch at Schmuck and envious French decor.
Photo 4: Check master.
Photo 5: Outside our hotel, Bel-Ami in St Germain.
Photo 6 , 7 & 19; My outfit provided by Next, and First Lady Croco from MCM. Half painted door.
Photo 8 & 9: Macaron masterclass at Les Secrets Gourmands De Noemie.
Photo 10 & 11: Dinner with French bloggers at Grande Colbert.
Photo 12: Golden tree lined street.
Photo 13 & 14: Walkabout in Le Marais.
Photo 15, 16 & 17: Chocolate tour, we stopped by at Angelina, home to Paris’s mouthwatering desserts and eclairs.
Photo 18 & 19: Long time no see Eiffel Tower!
Photo 20: My lovely girlies; Reem, Shini, Emily, Carrie, and Ella. Photo by Next.


Thank you team Next for having us, can we do another girly trip?
All photos featured were shot on a Canon 5DMK2 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.


  1. Wow another holiday, where are you going to? I can’t wait to see your next travel diaries.
    The Paris trip with Next sound lovely and intimate, it’s nice to have a small get together and have fun-filled activities.

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