September: My Instalife

The Apartment LFW - Instagram - StyleSlicker

– LFW at The Apartment –

1. Bye bye long flowing hair, say hello to classic bob cut, aka the ‘Edna Bob’ courtesy of @danielmccourt at @sassoonsalonofficial at @theapmt.  2. @NextOfficial‘s cute cake pop.  3. My essential kit for LFW, @THREEUK kindly loaned me their Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for the week.  4. All eyes on us, catty eye tshirts by @openingceremony.  5. Gone for the French look, skirt by Kisua, bow slippers from @RandBPRgirl.  6. En route to Burberry with car provided by @uber_ldn.  7. @BirchboxUK with Laura Mercier make up room beautifully set up in the bathroom.  8.  Finale dinner provided by @shakeshackUK.  9.  Happy reunion with my girls @stylecrusader and @parkncube.

Hashtag: #LFWapartment

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– Something to snack on –

10. Enjoying magnum whilst the sunny weather lasts.  11. Sweet delights with @peonylim, @tilfrances@parisinfourmonths and @garrypeppergirl.  12. Chocolate O’clock catch up session with the lovely @thefashionguitar at @Daylesfordfarm cafe.  13. Sampling this cool @DolceGustoUK coffee machine at the Nescafe event.  14. Light bites from Ottelenghi with @peonylim, @tilfrances @parisinfourmonths and @garrypeppergirl.  15. September strawberries.  16. I guess that was my last bite of the summer.  17.  My first shot of latte on Instagram.  18. Resort to Jook/Congee after falling ill after returning from my holiday.

Cyprus - Instagram - StyleSlicker

– Holiday in North Cyprus –

19. North Cyprus bound with siblings @MsQnT, @redvelvetldn, @rockinthatgem and their respective partners.  We’re loving our bright travel wallet set by @aspinaloflondon.  20. Sightseeing around the Kyrenia Harbour.  21. Exploring the village of Catalkoy and found this beautiful flowering bushes.  22. Best local Turkish food in Catalkoy.  23. On one of the highest peaks at St Hilarion Castle.  24. Snorkelling and coffee break at Escape Beach.  25. Sun, sea and sand at the beautiful Golden Beach in Dipkarpaz.  26.  Stunning medieval architecture in Lefkosa.  27.  Endless views of coastal beaches, this is by far the best shot during our roadtrip.  Please stay tuned for Cyprus posts.  Photos shots with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom courtesy of Samsung.

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  1. Your pictures on instagram are beyond amazing, I may have said this before. LOVE your blunt bob, such a good look on you!!

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