July: My Instalife

July Instagram

ENTICING FOOD & SNACKS - 1. Breakfast with @ElizabethLauLdn and @ABoyNamedSueShop at Nopi.  2. My sister @Mrsqtangel‘s Eton Mess.  3. Colourful breakfast with @parkncube at @AubaineUK Dover Street.  4. Noodle soup with homegrown choy sum.  5. An afternoon tea at Gallery Mess.  6.  French dessert at Le Garrick.  7. Rainbow cupcakes at @Rainbowwave_Ltd.  8. A fruity breakfast with @MilenaLazazzaera of @kenzoparfums at @ClaridgesHotel.  9.  Seafood lunch with @disneyrollrgirl and @parkncube at @AubaineUK Heddon Street.July Instagram

NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL - 10. Tree lined private road on Snakes Lane, Cockfoster.  11.  Mayfield Lavender in Surrey.  12. Happy family at St James Park.  13. Hydrangeas outside McQueens at @ClaridgesHotel.  14. Freshly picked lavenders from Mayfield.  15.  Some goodies from @peonylim‘s Mummy Lim.  16. Revisited The Pergola & The Hill Garden, Hampstead.  17. Heatwave in Trent Park, Cockfoster.  18.  a walk in the woods in Trent Park.July Instagram

ME & PEEPS - 19. Me and my sister @mrsqtangel at Mayfield Lavender, Surrey.  20. Model wearing @Carven_paris at @Rainbowwave_ltd.  21. Moi at The Pergola & The Hill Garden.  22. Helping my younger sister @mayyinlee shooting her beauty stuff.  23. A 31 year old shouldn’t look this young.  24. I can see you, @ElizabethLauLdn.  25.  Flirty.  26. My first outfit shot in ages!  26. Kissy kissy at @saatchionlineJuly Instagram

BAGS & JEWELLERYS -  27. My beloved red @mcmworldwide Nuovo L tote.  28. @Lucy_Folk Taco friendship bands at @Rainbowwave_Ltd.  29. @ileanamakri snake ring at @Rainbowwave_Ltd.  30. Twinsies! @mcmworldwide tambourine bag and @asos rabbit ears bag.  31. @officialmikimoto Melow and diamonds.  32. My new BFF, @mcmworldwide candy bag.  33. @officialmikimoto Blossom ring.  24.  @mcmworldwide x @craigandkarl clutch.  25.  New face, @jenniferloiselle, @craigandkarland Butler & Wilson.July InstagramPRETTY STREETS AND BUILDINGS -  26. Tree lined street approaching Angel.  27. Mayfair.  28.  Carlos Place.  29.  Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.  30. Somewhere in King’s Road.  31.  Pretty Figaro car parked outside the townhouse.  32. Gorgeous wilderness at the front door.  33. Sophisticated townhouse in South Kensington.  34.  Hampstead village street.

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  1. @Francesca Him There’s always a spare second to capture a special moment or special spot to take one shot (maybe a few), and edit later. I love Notting Hill and South Kensington areas for their uniqueness – buildings, tree lined street, market, shops and restaurants. Food and flowers are great, you would need to play around with styling and composition though.

  2. You must have had a busy month for Instagramming, how do you find the time and where do you normally capture these fabulous locations, restaurants, parks, and so on?

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