Random thoughts for July

Style Slicker

Oh here comes the heavy spitting rain, thunder and lightning, oh joy the smell of summer storm.  My heat rash is on the mend, ish, having suffered the worst days of summer flu and hayfever I’ve ever experienced.  Now coughing up fur balls for no apparent reason, swallowing my own saliva feels like eroding kumquat slowly tickling down my throat, a stash of Chinese herbal menthol candies will save me, temporarily.  I spent the Sunday afternoon at home couch potatoing (with limbs hardly moved at all) watching Letters to Juliet, Top Gear, The Mill, The White Queen, Philippa Greggory’s The Real White Queen And Her Rivals documentary.  It was a very blissful, unlady-like afternoon.

Style Slicker

1.  Currently obessing over these polaroid prints courtesy of Printic.  I do miss film photography/lomography but film rolls and processing are ridiculously expensive nowadays, my vintage cameras and films are stored away waiting to make a comeback.  Printic allows you to order prints straight from your iPhone and Android, via Facebook, Instagram and photo gallery.  It’s quick and easy, 3″x4″ glossy paper, in colour, excellent print quality, free delivery, and it’s only $0.99/o.79 € each!

2.  I’m attracted to all fruity and candy fragrances, sweet enough to make you feel car sick.  I personally love Rive D’Ambre by Tom Ford (courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty) out of all the fragrances from the Atelier D’Orient Collection – notes features citruses, amber, bergamot, tarragon, mint, cardamom, cognac and tolu balsam.  The rich scent of Asia is a reminiscent of my first Lunar New Year holiday as an adult in Hong Kong, The Year of the Dragon.  Think of the smoke from fireworks and sparklers, burning incense, dried and fresh orange peels, menthol tiger balm all rolled into one.  Quite spicy and feverish indeed.Style Slicker

3.  My latest purchases from ASOS, a peach scuba midi skirt that billows nicely in the breeze especially when you strut in high heels across a zebra crossing.  Yeah that.  I adore this cute quilted bag with bunny ears, I customised the empty faceless area with MCM x Craig and Karl sunglasses brooch and Butler & Wilson lip brooch.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

4.  Carven Le Parfum (courtesy of Carven).  Feminine blend of mandarin blossom, apricot, white hyacinth, sweet pea, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and patchouli.  I accidentally sprayed this fragrance over my sun burnt shoulders, it stung like fresh grazed knee (please do not try this, and apart from that), but the compelling sweet scent of Paris so romantic it makes your heart flutter.  Style Slicker

5.  Valentino Valentina Acqua Floreale (courtesy of Valentino).  Summery floral bouquet composed of sambac jasmine, tuberose flower, orange blossom, nyamphea flower, patchouli and vanilla.  I can imagine myself wearing a vintage lace and chiffon gown, looking all cherubic with tangled mess hair, barefooted, swinging on a swing beneath a tree in slow cinematic motion.

6.  I couldn’t be happier when I won a bid on eBay, a stunning Art Deco Shagreen cigarette case for £80 plus.  4 bidders included myself laid eyes on the same item, it was a 2 day bidding war, outbid 19 times, the final 4 hours was crucial and the watch the bids like a hawk.  When the time was up I thrust my fist up in the air and squealed and cheered like Gollum like no tomorrow.  I don’t smoke, I’m using the cigarette case as a business card case, clever huh?  My good friend Jennifer Loiselle sent me over a lovely pair of galaxy perspex clip on earrings with gold Swarovski crystals from the Stellar collection, can’t wait to pair it with the right outfit.


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