June: My Instalife and update

Pretty houses and shops

PRETTY HOUSES & BUILDINGS:  1. The slimmest front door I ever come across.  2. Blue mews-type house on Portobello Road.  3. Monocle shop in Marylebone.  4. Paul Smith HQ in Notting Hill.  5. One of my favourite house shots in June.  6. Jones Dairy near Columbia Road.  7. Monocle Cafe in Marylebone.  8. Roland Mouret HQ in Mayfair.  9. Another blue house in Notting Hill.pretty flowers and plants

FLOWERS & PLANTS: 10. Just discovered a Conservatory near my local park in Broomfield Park.  11. Pink flowers overhead.  12. Playing with still life.  13. Hydrangeas are in season.  14. Hayfever trouble.  15. Beautiful flowers by Wild at Heart, at House of Hackney.  16. Floral camouflage.  17. Pom pom flower head.  18. More stunning plants at House of Hackney.fashion, accessories and beauty

FASHION, ACCESSORIES AND BEAUTY: 19. Oscar de la Renta resort 2013.  20. Lancome x Alber Elbaz cosmetic samples.  21. WANT WANT WANT!  22. DIY-ing.  23. Tom Ford L’Orient fragrance range.  24. Oscar de la Renta floral necklace.  25. Playing eye make-up with Lancome x Alber Elbaz.  26. ODLR shoe porn.  27. MCM is my best friend.food and no lattes

FOOD PORN & NO LATTE SHOTS: 28. Chocolate ganache at Ozone Coffee.  29. It’s all about the presentation.  30. Bimbibap heaven at Bimbibap Cafe.  31. Marshmellow twizzles and Frapps.  32. Delicate detailing.  33. I missed you Dim Sum, at Ping Pong.Nature et al

NATURE AT HEART ET AL: 34. Tree lined walkway in Broomfield Park.  35. Lovely window view at Aubaine in Selfridges.  36. It’s all about Palms at House of Hackney.  37. ODLR’s floral embellishment.  38. Pretty shrubs in Notting Hill.  39. An ancient pond in Broomfield Park.  40. Palms and exotic bird prints at House of Hackney.  41. Mulberry trees in Grovelands Park.  42. Floral on floral.

Just a quick update.  I haven’t been blogging since my last post was on the 17th June, which is unexplainable.   Just so you know I am alive and kicking, busy working offline and shooting snots and PMS-ing at someone, sounds like a bad combination in peak Hayfever season. Normality resumes next week, otherwise you could always find me on Instagram @styleslicker.


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