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My runner's legs were out in the open this afternoon, feeling merry and beryl in Thu Thu and Barbara Boner attire, frolicking and peacocking *ahem* in Hampstead.  I'm getting back into running form after years of absence in long distance running, these pair of Adidas Boost will help me to increase my stride length and faster (review coming soon)…foot strike begone!

My outfit: Dress and jacket – on loan from Thu Thu, bag – on loan from Barbara Boner, socks c/o Da Sein, Boost trainers c/o Adidas. Thanks to my sister May for helping me with the shots.


  1. Hi Kit..
    It’s been a long time since my last visit to your blog (I used to be a big fan of your blog)
    I love your new layout!! It’s clean, simple and well organized.
    Anyway as always I adore every single picture that you took either from your traveling or just a regular outfit post.
    This place look really beautiful *envy :)

  2. Ooh, looking forward to the Addidas Boost review. I’m a Nike girl at heart, but if the boost outperform the rest, I could be persuaded to switch.

    Absolutely love that dress!

  3. those pins are looking pretty good to me, they’re working then! thanks for the congrats kit. noting mustard and turq looking good together

  4. stunning, stunning, stunning!! I am getting back into running too, well-sprinting!! feels so good xx

  5. I adore that you paired your floral dress with sneakers.. you do it really well. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I came across your blog looking for photos of the Frends Layla headphones.. so side note.. how do you think the quality of sound from them are.. I know they’re super stylish but I’m curious of functionality :)

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