My beauty weekend

Estee Lauder and Aerin STYLE SLICKER 1

Estee Lauder Aerin STYLE SLICKER 4

Estee Lauder Aerin STYLE SLICKER 5

Estee Lauder Aerin STYLE SLICKER 2

Estee Lauder Aerin STYLE SLICKER 3

An opportunity arose today, I’ve managed to handnap my sister May’s (also a blogger of Red Velvet London) beautiful veinless hands for my beauty still life shoot, with these lovely products from Estée Lauder and Aerin.  No snowfall, mild weather, and fantastic indoor lighting…just about.

I must admit, Estée Lauder and Aerin weren’t on my radar until I started following Bonnie Tsang on Pinterest late last year, she’s also a guest pinner for Estée Lauder.  Tsang’s enticing lifestyle photography and her involvement with Estée Lauder led to my curiosity and interest with the brand, her photography combining both cosmetic products and lifestyle in Tsang’s own interpretation made the images look rather pleasing and un-calculated.  I’m having what she’s having.

After all, Estée Lauder is my type of market for Style Slicker, as an Asian woman whose insight into beauty industry and Asia consumer markets are still in infancy.  The brand is hugely successful across Asia especially of those who are in my age group…the over 28s, my mum uses their skincare products too. ”Skincare is our largest and most profitable category overall – accounting for 43% of our sales.  In Asia-Pacific it is even important – accounting for more than 60% of sales in this region” – Fabrizio Freda, company president and CEO (source: Cosmetics Design Asia).

Luckily, I’ve had the samples delivered to my home on Christmas Eve and sampled the ones I would use often – Estée Lauder’s Stay On Shadow Paint ‘Chained’, and ‘Sinister’ applied as eyeliner, Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara ‘Bold Cobalt’, and Aerin’s The Mini Lipstick ‘Lolabird’.  I’ve used the products in my previous post (click HERE), I loved the creamy texture of the ‘Lolabird’ pink lipstick, its multi pink undertones can be seen at every angle (if you have an artist eye) which flatters my pale-yellow Asian skin.  One thing for sure, is that the pink shade really really defines my bee stung lips, thanks Mother.

All cosmetic samples courtesy of Estée Lauder and Aerin.  Thanks to my sister May of Red Velvet London for being my superb hand model.


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