White fluff in January

snow in Trent Park 1

Snow in Trent Park 2

It finally snowed in London!

It was meant to be a short lunch time stroll in Trent Park in Cockfosters (a mile or so walk from home), which lasted the whole afternoon, I was heavily seduced by the white fluff and vast land of natural beauty.  A 3 mile walk around the park forgotten to eat and happily snap away whatever caught my sight, my Dr Marten boots got covered in mud and dirty slush, spotted a few pheasants roaming freely in the fields that looked desirable to eat, then myself, a lone rambler transformed into a snow covered hungry yeti lost in Snowdom.  The fact that I didn’t eat lunch (oh silly me), I eventually lost my appetite and resorted to a tub of Pringles, TAKE THAT! Mi-eow!


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  4. These photos are breathtaking, Kit! I really miss snow in Canada- despite causing traffic jams!
    Should’ve taken a picture of those Pringles and stuck it into the post :P

    Meanwhile in HK- light jacket and t-shirt.

  5. ahhhhh, this is so gorgeous. I don’t blame you for forsaking food and just enjoying the view. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Shame it didn’t snow today, it would have been fun to build a snowman in my back garden, the snow has melted…not a chance!

  7. WOW! You had a lot more snow than me it seems. I went out to walk Kobi at 11 and it was snowing so heavily but not settling at all :( I so desperately want to photograph him in the snow!

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