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Kit Lee 1

Style Slicker 3

London Embankment

Style Slicker 1

Style Slicker 2

My long period of festive break consists of banning my usual snacking habits Pringles and Nissin pot noodles, trying to master Thousand Character Classic (千字文) a type of Chinese alphabet poem to familarise-memorise one thousand unique characters.  It’s a complex and piss take system which I was never taught at home and Saturday school, but at least I know how to use radical stroke count in Chinese calligraphy and traditional dictionary, thanks to my late Grandpa.  I hope 2013 will be the start of a fruitful year, I, myself do not wish to have a complacent attitude towards success (the blog and my skill set) but remain critical and prudent about the challenges ahead.


My outfit: Sweater c/o Benetton, Jeans c/o Levi’s, Leather jacket from Hong Kong, Camo jacket from Blitz London, Boots (10 years old) from Nine West, Gloves from Burberry, Fuck You phone case c/o Candies Gifts, Bag c/o Rabeanco.  Cheers Shini for the outfit snaps. 


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