Short and sweet highlights of 2012

Jan to Dec

I apologise in advance for featuring yet more images of flowers on the blog, I just can’t help myself.  Having mentioned that I wasn’t going to post my highlights of 2012 due to laziness and lack of vitamin B in my diet, but after much pondering today thought I keep them short, incomprehensive and random.  One reason why I’m looking forward to…is watching Star Trek!


Spending 2 months away from London freelancing in Hong Kong and met some incredible people along the way. Hand bead my sister Helen’s bridal veil for her wedding in June.Mar-April-May

Assist my bridezilla sister with her wedding preparation, flower suggestions, venue decorations, fittings, wedding diet, and endless sleep, filming with Quintessentially in Paris. Style Slicker joins Instagram. Having panic attacks finishing off my hand-made maid of honour dress at the last minute.


Signed off for two weeks to concentrate on my sister’s wedding. Stress, zits, appalled by lack of sun, panic, bridal diet.  Sister got married, woohoo! Becoming anti-social, supporting Team GB whilst being a potato couch.Aug-sept-oct

Selling my unwanted junks at Susie Bubble’s Yard Sale. Another sister announced her engagement. DIY, DIY, DIY and more DIY. Nov-Dec
DIY, DIY, DIY and more DIY.  End of the world? Nonsense! Redesigning my blog layout.  Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!


  1. @Lola Thank you very much Lola. It was planned 6 months ago but it has taken me forever to find the right theme and template that doesn’t clutter all over the place, I’d recommend Theme Forest they have cool selections of CSS/html templates/themes. Happy New Year x.

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