Happy New Year & new blog layout

Style Slicker blog 1

Style Slicker blog 2

After a full week of extensive construction work on the blog's new layout with vigorous effort, there has been some minor dramas involved in the process such as, removing a vital element in one of the PHP functions which causes the site to drop dead, which I had done so I was literally put on death row (seriously, I felt blood being drained from my body) but thankfully it was solved by a techy friend of mine.  A few tricks of botox and missing out on last night's count down, this is the result!

I decided to go against posting my highlights of 2012 as I really don't have any, minus my long vacation in Hong Kong (all photos lost in my external hard drive, gutted) and my sister Helen's wedding over the summer, I was her slave maid of honour.

Happy New Year everyone!


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