The tricks and the frolicking

Holland Park 5

Holland Park 4

Holland Park 8

Holland Park 1

Holland Park 2

Holland Park 6

Holland Park 3

Holland Park 9

Holland Park 7

As a Londoner since nappy days there are some places of interest and attractions I haven’t yet explored, cultural-traditional gardens and leafy suburban parks in particular are something I’d like to include in my lifestyle category. So, over the weekend (thank goodness for the beautiful weather and clear blue skies) I went to visit Holland Park near Notting Hill after spotted some inspiring imageries of Kyoto Garden and other gardens inside the park on Flickr.  Upon my arrival, stunned by its English beauty in abundance – wooded walks, fine water features, numerous gardens, old brick works but lack of vibrant blossoms, of course it’s winter but that didn’t deter the scenic attraction.  Most of the day I was busy frolicking with mr handsome peacock and his group of peahens and played tricks with a squirrel, pretended I had tasty snacks in my palm so I could photograph him stand next to a potted tree, how funny he fell for it.  Definitely worth a visit, especially when it’s summer when the blooms comes alive.


Holland Park, Ilchester Place, London, W8.
Nearest tube station: Holland Park or Notting Hill Gate.


  1. there are just so many things to do in london, these pictures are absolutely stunning and i can’t believe they were just taken recently, the weather was very kind x

  2. Oooh I LOVE Holland Park! Especially the Kyoto Gardens although I did once get kicked out for taking a picnic, apparently that’s a no no. Extremely jealous of your amazing photographs too.

    Love Ella. X

    Ps) Very nice to finally meet you properly at Dodo the other week.

  3. Kit, I actually want to marry your blog, it’s always so beautiful. I can’t believe I lived within walking distance of the park last year and never once went to it! What was I thinking taking outfit shots on my balcony…

  4. What a stunning Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, I’ll be sure to pay a visit (if I could get my ass off from Greenwich to Notting Hill).

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