Boodles: Pancakes and diamonds breakfast

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This Winter shivers and pan fried pasty skin doesn’t do my beauty regime any justice, never mind my lifeless hair, plenty squirts of serum and bb cream should do the trick, but how about spending double pounds on essential beauty top ups every winter months just to cover up those surface of sedimentary rock? Ummm, no thanks.

A while ago, a surprise morning breakfast with Boodles at The Wolseley has transformed my usual sleepy self into fresh-out-of-the-ordinary, basically woken up by the beautiful light source and enticing hearty pancakes.  There was one piece of jewellery displayed on the table that caught my attention, eyes dilated and a smile, it was this magnificent 37 carat ceylon sapphire ring, in a unique Boodles Centaurus setting.  A sapphire that size, cannot be described in words but filled with happiness in my happy faze, and the price?  Please enquire.


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