Faberge: Treillage and assortment

Faberge AW12 7

Faberge AW12 2

Faberge AW12 3

Faberge AW12 4

Faberge AW12 5

Faberge AW12 6

Faberge AW12 1

It seems to be quite a busy season for jewellery brands showcasing their collections to press and jewellery editors, it also marks the new beginning for luxury jewellery brands to establish a new relationship with carefully selected bloggers and online editors as ambassadors, which I have been noticing in the past few weeks.  A critical step forward to digital era with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Weibo and the like, that helps to create new exciting conversations and partake innovative campaigns without tarnishing the brands image and core values.

Last week I attended an afternoon tea session at Fabergé‘s flagship store to preview their Treillage Collection, a very different design style gives a modern takes on fine lavish assortment.  New polished and matt jewellery includes rings, earrings and Fabergé egg pendants features sculpted quilted cushion like pattern in variations of white and rose gold, embedded with studded diamonds and multi-coloured gems. The Treillage collection takes its inspiration from the sumptuous furnishing of the great Romanov Palaces, possesses a strong fashion flair, fusing fabric and jewel, mixing nostalgia with a contemporary edge. They are available to buy online starting from £3,628.

Of course I didn’t leave the store without seeing other fabulous pieces from their display cabinets as seen here, a giant sparkle really caught my giddy smile a yellow diamond Vagabonde ring from Les Fauves Collection, photographing the ring resulted in unfortunate blurriness in the pictures, simply because the yellow diamond looked too sparkly and blinding from every angles.

Check out my old visual post about my first press day visit at Fabergé‘s flagship store.


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  2. Totally agree, hopefully they’ll find a good representative that fits the bill and blog content.

  3. The photos are amazing Kit, you’ve made the jewellery come alive, it look surreal seen by your eyes (better than the professional white background imageries)

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