Leap, hop, jump, levitate

Jumping shot 1 STYLE SLICKER

Jumping shot 3 STYLE SLICKER

Jumping shot 5 STYLE SLICKER

Jumping shot 2 STYLE SLICKER

Jumping shot 4 STYLE SLICKER

Thought I curate a series of my favourite jump shots from the past two and a half years, with thanks to Shini, Jen, and my siblings for their help in photographing these awesome shots.  It’s a retrospective of my odd addiction and fondness to body movement, shape shifting garment, sense of freedom, colour and hair thrashing, prickled like thousand needles hitting against my face.  Calories were lost and regained but had the flexibility and strength from my junior school era as a amateur dancer, athletics in long jumps and long distance running in adult era, let alone the excruciating limb-stretching yoga stunts. Pain scale, eight out of ten.  If I had an opportunity (of a life time), I’d love to learn how to do a back flip and perhaps…a split jump. Chuckling nervously inside silently, oh dream on.



  1. Awesome pictures, I have attempted these sort of shots but they never turn out any good, still fun to do though! and come on, who says you cant still learn how to do a back flip?! xx

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