Dior wonderland

Dior pop up boutique 9

Dior pop up boutique 5

Dior pop up boutique 4

Dior Jewellery 1

Dior at Printemps

Printemps 3


Dior window display at Printemps 7

Marion Contillard at Printemps

Dior window display at Printemps 14

Dior window display at Printemps 13

Dior window display at Printemps 1

Dior window display at Printemps 8

Dior window display at Printemps 2

Dior window display at Printemps 4

Never seen any decorated window displays looking so spectacular and magical such as this!  This festive holiday season, French luxury department store Printemps have collaborated with Dior to create an exclusive upscale in-store installation, a pop up boutique and window displays featuring seventy-four puppet dolls kitted out in Dior haute couture, the whole attires and dolls were hand crafted and assembled by Dior’s in-house artisans.  Shini and I were in awe by its work of art and creativity which tickled our fancies, executed brilliantly as one of the most ‘Spectacular spectacular’ showcases in Paris.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we joined hands with the dolls in one of the windows prancing around and drunk laughing?


Many thanks to Ykone and Le Printemps Haussmann for inviting us to the amazing event.


  1. These photos are beautifully shot! The colours really capture the luxuriousness!

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  5. No doubt about it – Printemps is Winter Wonder Land. And House of Dior Christmas window has always been one of the crowd drawers during the Yuletide season. Kudos to the people behind its display this year – it’s just so awesome!

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